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Bill Cosby: An App Done Right

If you want to track your favorite celebrities, there’s no easier way than on your mobile device. I have seen several different apps on the market lately which would allow me to get tour or album information from any number of artists and thespians. Most of these apps aren’t don’t include more than one or two features, though. When I happened across what Bill Cosby and his team have done, I was pleasantly surprised: the app not only has a heck of a lot of features, it’s also available for several different platforms!

The Bill Cosby App gives you an inside look at Bill’s life and career. You’ll find:

  • Concert Schedule – Find out where & when Bill Cosby is performing
  • Videos – Including: Bill Cosby: 49, Two Friends, and Mr. Sapolsky, With Love
  • Audio Books – Come on People, Fatherhood, and Friends of a Feather
  • Photos – Candid photos of Bill Cosby, the OBKB kids, and behind the scenes
  • Social Media – Access to Bill Cosby’s tweets, fan walls & much much more

I love that they have included one-click access to all of Bill’s social media feeds. The Cos is one of the celebrities who actually populates his Twitter stream and Facebook page himself, and being able to find out what’s on his mind at a glance is actually pretty cool. He’s a funny guy – on stage and off.

There are those who have made snide little comments about Bill and this mobile app. Is that a bit of jealousy I hear? Are celebrities not allowed to promote themselves? I’m fairly certain this is what all of you do, as well: attempt to lure people to your website in any way you can. You need followers and fans, and so does the Cos. The app is well made and includes every feature I’d hope to see in an app of this type.

Bill Cosby Meets Mashable

Tomorrow night – Wednesday, July 7th – Bill Cosby will be live on the Mashable stage via Ustream. Beginning at 7:30pm Eastern time, Bill will premier his new iPhone app and discuss other surprises. The legendary comedian will be joined by Mashable’s Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow and entrepreneurs in the space to discuss his involvement in social media.

Bill Cosby has a large social media presence, despite early speculation to the contrary. He has – and participates heavily in – accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, 12seconds and Ustream. Not only does The Cos pay attention to his social media streams – he takes great pride in being an active member of them all. He’ll be talking about his love of connecting with the world in this manner during the two-hour live event tomorrow night.

Mashable wants to know what YOU want to ask Mr. Cosby. “We have a lot to discuss, but we’d love to know what you — our readers — would like Cosby and our panel (which includes execs from Ustream, 12seconds, Six Apart and Blog Talk Radio) to talk about. Let us know what you’d like to see us ask in the comments and tune in tomorrow night for some answers and some laughs.”

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Bill Cosby. I’ll be tuning in to see what he’s up to tomorrow night. Will you?