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Bye Bye, VHS – The Last Distributor Gives Up the Ghost

Good luck finding a replacement VHS tape for your favorite movie. The Los Angeles Times interviewed the last distributor of VHS tapes, and they have shipped out their last truckload. Whatever is left will be given away or thrown away. It’s sad to imagine all those tapes rotting in a landfill poisoning the earth, and very unfortunate.

As you may have noticed, a lot of your favorite movies might not have made it to DVD, and last you knew they could only be had on VHS. Some cult movies, documentaries and independent flicks couldn’t afford the jump to digital media.

Now, this news doesn’t mean that blank VHS tapes won’t still be on the shelf at Staples or Wal-Mart. But it does mark an important place in history, as commercial recordings will be unavailable very quickly.

Will VHS take its place in the graveyard next to BETAMAX? Or do you think we have a while still, where we can do our own thing with our dated equipment? If you haven’t converted your favorite tapes to DVD yet, you may want to consider it quickly. Certainly you haven’t sent all your greatest moments captured on VHS to America’s Funniest Home Videos!

Do you have a plethora of VHS tapes? Are they movies you’ve purchased, home movies, or TV shows you’ve recorded over the years? Do you have tapes that you have no idea what is on them? Have you converted them to DVD, your computer, or to YouTube?