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My iPad Best Buy Adventure Was Not a Good One

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Today was a good one due to the fact that I was able to get my iPad 2. However, the events leading up to the device being placed in my hands were NOT so great. Earlier today, I uploaded a video discussing how I was waiting in line at Best Buy to get the new iPad. After waiting in line for several hours, I was informed that Best Buy wasn’t carrying the 3G model that I wanted.

This really upset me, as the company never bothered to tell people that they wouldn’t be carrying that model. Nothing was said about it on their website or in print ads. I am not sure that this is the fault of the store, though. The blame likely lies with Apple themselves, since no one was allowed to discuss inventory. This is doing a serious disservice to customers, though.

Had I known that this store wasn’t carrying the 3G model, I would have gone elsewhere – perhaps an AT&T store. After being disappointed at Best Buy, I walked across the parking lot to an AT&T store, only to find they were only given SIX total 3G units. Since so many people were in line ahead of me already by this point, I knew it was fruitless to join them.

I didn’t want to “settle” for a WiFi only model. The GPS capability in the 3G version alone is enough to have made me want that particular iPad. Also, if I happen to be traveling and (God forbid!) something happens to my iPhone (or it loses battery), I can easily switch over to the iPad for my online needs.

I went back to the Best Buy store to pick up the unit that had been secured for a friend. I called another friend – Reza – who I knew was waiting in line at another store. He indicated he got the iPad models he wanted and he was shocked that I wasn’t able to procure mine. He was kind enough to swap one of his iPad tickets for the 64GB black WiFi 3G model I wanted so that I could still have my device today. I’m beyond grateful to him for doing this.

This was the first product from Apple that I have ever waited in line for. I was upset with Best Buy due to not being forthcoming with information on what they would have in stock. I’m also disappointed in Apple for not allowing stores to give us this type of heads up.

While waiting in line at the original Best Buy, I finally get to the front of the line and was asked by the manager what I do. I explained about the video and live streaming, and indicated that I wanted the model they ended up not having. This made me angry, knowing that many hours of my time was wasted. They could have treated their customers better. Had I known this ahead of time, I would have spent more time in the Apple store line, knowing I would get the unit I wanted.

This isn’t the way to treat people, folks. People will remember things like this the next time they will make an impact on buying decisions.

Will You Rent Electronics from Best Buy?

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A few week’s ago, Best Buy (and most recently, Apple) changed their policy and ended the infamous re-stocking fee policy. No more do you have to pay a 10-15% fee to return items that you no longer want or need.

However, this brings up an interesting question mentioned in the Consumerist: Will this tempt people to simply “rent” their electronics? If there isn’t a penalty for returning, couldn’t someone “buy” a 65″ TV for the Superbowl and return it the next day? What about a laptop/projector for a business meeting later in the week. This can definitely be abused, but I hope the bad apples don’t hurt consumers as a whole.

Lamarr asks an interesting question: Will you be abusing this policy and risk being labeled a “scumbag” by your local store, or will you only use it when needed?

Free iPhone 3GS at Best Buy on December 10th

If you’re looking to get an iPhone 3GS, tomorrow is the day to do it. Best Buy Mobile will be offering the 3GS on December 10th for FREE. This offer is valid to both new lines, additional lines, and also qualified upgrades. According to a “Best Buy Ninja” who reported directly to BGR, all stores have inventory levels to support the promotion, and it’s an instant rebate type deal.

Best Buy isn’t the only game in town, of course. Radio Shack has a pretty sweet deal going of their own until December 11th. The company is taking $50.00 off iPhone prices… and offering trade-in credits of up to $125.00 (depending on condition) for a usable 3GS phone. This could mean that sexy $199.00 16GB iPhone 4 you’ve been drooling over will cost only twenty-five bucks!

Meanwhile, the $50 instant savings off iPhones means that a $100 iPhone 3GS will cost you $50, a $199 16GB iPhone 4 will cost you $150, and a $300 32GB iPhone 4G costs $250. Combining both promotions to upgrade to an iPhone 4 costs $25, or free for the iPhone 3GS (plus the remaining balance of your trade-in value in store credit.)

These offers come just in time for the holiday. This is the perfect opportunity to add your teenager (or older child – college age, maybe?) to your existing AT&T account. Stretch it into a family line, and make them happier than you could imagine by handing them an iPhone during the holidays.

Best Buy Reveals Droid 2 Pricing?

Best Buy has announced (sort-of) pricing for the long-awaited Droid 2: $199 with two-year service plan activation or $599 without. Engadget reader Greg (who lives in North Carolina) sent in photos taken at his local Best Buy. The leaked dummy units are on display in the store – complete with price tags.

There’s still no official word as to when the phone will go on sale, despite rumors of it happening on August 12th. The original Droid now appears to be “out of stock” on the Verizon website – adding even more fuel to the rumor fires surrounding the launch of this new model.

Verizon has allowed a LOT of information to be leaked regarding this as-yet unreleased phone. What better way to build momentum and gain free advertising, though? Over the weekend, a newspaper advertisement was also leaked, showing the Droid 2 going on sale very soon.

Are you salivating yet? Do you plan to grab one of these hot little devices as soon as they hit the market?

Do You Want to Be Able to Read Minds?

Dave asked on Lockergnome if the world would be a better place if we could all read minds… sort of like Mel Gibson could do in the movie What Women Want. This, to me, is an interesting question. I cannot honestly say whether or not I would want to know what people are thinking all of the time. I definitely know I wouldn’t like it if people knew what was rattling around in MY noggin.

Do you think that society would be a better place to be in if we all knew all of each other’s innermost thoughts, dreams and wishes? Would it make life easier – or more difficult?

You don’t have to be a mind reader to know what software and apps you should be getting for your machines and devices.

Best Buy Trying to Fire Employee who Created Viral HTC EVO vs iPhone 4 Video

In case you’re one of a tiny handful of people who have not already watched this video, I thought I would embed it here. Be forewarned: the language in this epic creation is definitely not safe for the workplace – or around young children. However, it IS one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a very long time. I have watched it probably ten times already, and laugh myself stupid each and every time.

Most every I know who has watched this video has had the same reaction. It’s damn funny. Nowhere in the video does the creator, Tiny Watch Productions state their name nor place of employment. There is nothing in the video at all that would lead someone to believe that the person who made it works for Best Buy. I have watched and listened very carefully tonight, and I cannot find a single thing that points to that particular company in any way, shape or form. So, then, why is Best Buy now trying to fire the young genius who gave us this video goodness?

25-year-old Brian Maupin (of Kansas City, Missouri) has been suspended indefinitely from his job selling mobile phones at his local Best Buy. “They felt it disparaged a brand they carried (iPhone/Apple) as well as the store itself and were fearful of stockholders & customers being turned off to Best Buy Mobile,” Maupin says. Despite the fact that the cartoon character in the video states that the made-up store is called “Phone Mart,” someone at Best Buy decided it could be damaging.

Seriously? What executive (who has too much time on their hands, apparently) is responsible for thinking this one up? Come on, people. This was comedy. It was not directed at Best Buy. Brian didn’t even use his real name in the video credits. NO ONE would likely have ever made a connection to your store had it not been for you taking action against him.

The only laughable part of this whole mess is the fact that Best Buy is right… there may be people turned off of Best Buy Mobile as a result of this video. HOWEVER, it will be because of their pathetic reaction to it, and their treatment of Brian… NOT due to the video itself. Bad move, Best Buy.

iPhone 4 Heading to WalMart

If you want to avoid the long lines at your local Apple store when the iPhone 4 is released on June 24th, you could always head over to WalMart and grab the device instead. Older models have been available at the popular retail store in the past. However, this will be the first time that WalMart has had an Apple phone on their shelves the same day it launches.

There are also rumors that Best Buy will carry the smartphone, and employees at Radio Shack are telling customers they will be selling the iPhone that day, as well.

It’s likely that Apple recognizes how crazy it can be in their stores on launch day, and wants to help cut down on that a bit.

Best Buy and Windows 7

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With the advent of Windows 7 going public, I opened the phone lines up. People called in to talk about anything and everything related to Windows 7. Danny Minick is a long-time member of our community, and now apparently has a new job working at his local Best Buy. During this particular call, I asked him what the buzz is around the store.

Danny says that at work the other night, several people were bashing Linux openly. There was a link given to Microsoft, some employee learning site. Apparently, there were slides and everything on there, openly dissing Linux and slagging it. I wondered why no one spoke up, with Microsoft’s claim that IE won’t run on Linux. It’s not true… and I hope all of you know that.

Danny uses OS X primarily, so I wasn’t sure if he used Windows 7. He says that he is, indeed, running Windows 7 under VMWare Fusion on his Macbook.

I reminded Danny that he can pick up my Windows 7 eBook, and any of the others that I’ve done, as well. I also reminded him (and all of you!) to keep an eye on my Coupons page for discounts on the new version of VMWare Fusion when it hits the stores.

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Can a Company Take Social Networking too Far?

Word on the street is that Best Buy is now requiring applicants to not only be on Twitter – but to have at least 250 followers, as well. When I read this, my mouth hit the floor. In effect, the company thinks that hiring people with a large Twitter following will garner more business for them. How ludicrous is this? It’s not up to an employee to send out tweets and bring in business to a company like Best Buy. For one thing, what if a person chooses not to have that many followers? Not everyone is on Twitter to see if they can win the race for having the most followers. Some people actually use it only to follow interesting people and entities themselves, not caring whether others follow them back. Some of those same people never even update their own timeline. They choose, instead, to simply use Twitter to read the latest news, and keep up with what’s hot in the marketplace.

I cannot begin to understand why a company would – or can even be allowed to – require something like this. If a person’s job were going to be something along the lines of “Social Media Director”, I might be able to see the need for the applicant to already have some sort of following, establishing them as “social media savvy”. Beyond that – I’m just lost.

What are your thoughts? Is this going to become an eerie new trend in the job hunting process? Do you feel that this is just totally off the wall? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Geek Squad Problems

I’m going to keep this guy’s name anonymous (for seemingly obvious reasons):

Just saw a video from july where you talk about geek squad. Weird, it was right around that time I began looking for a new job. I currently work at Geek Squad in Baltimore, Maryland and have been there about a year and a month. I do agree with your saying it comes down to the local atmosphere of the specific store that determines what kind of service you get.

I am a bit pro-consumer (and thus a bad employee) and tend to have a “if I can fix it in 15 minutes. it’s on me” attitude. I also work with people, higher up people, who say “if the computer turns on, charge $199.” I also work with people who will sell a $299 service to a customer with a computer over 10 years old. At that point, as I’m sure you’ll agree, that customer is probably better off with a new entry level computer that starts around that same price.

I find Geek Squad to be horrible ONLY due to management. My manager hired a girl based on looks to work in geek squad. Her experience with computers? The Sims and myspace. I have a manager trying to fire people because they don’t do all the paperwork he’s created for us. It’s an atrocious company and do not expect it to last forever. Something else will come along or the services, for the most part, will become obsolete. I try and tell customers how easy it is to install windows with their restore discs. I try to tell them how easy it is to install memory. At that point it’s up to them. It’s not rare that I’ll say, “and if you have any problems just bring it back and I’ll take care of it.” Management would hate that and say that affects the stores closing rate.

Best Buy is a company that only cares about numbers. Managers get bonuses based on the stores performance. Those numbers are shoved down our throats everyday, sometimes hourly, in an effort to increase profit. We get our hours cut when we do not sell enough. Helping customers comes last. Employees come after customers as well. I was guaranteed a raise in August and I’m still waiting. My boss goes to an employee who he suspects to be gay and says “I hope all gay people burn in hell.” I have an HR claim going now and hope something comes of it. Meanwhile, I am going on interviews and keeping my fingers crossed on getting a nice entry-level IT job at a real company. Some might say Geek Squad is entry-level but no. It’s not. It’s a joke. Six foot ethernet cable, $35? $2 for the employees. The company says it’s customer-centric yet the prices are ridiculous (most noticeable on accessories). WD SATA HD? Employee discount it’s $59, just like it is on newegg.