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Things to Remember and Note

At Gnomedex…

  1. Be courteous to your fellow attendees
  2. Stay open to new ideas and discussions
  3. Food and beverage are “unlimited” at Bell Harbor
  4. Plan on attending the parties, please!?!
  5. Blog, Cast, Snap, Share – it’s yours
  6. Always use the microphone
  7. WiFi access is capped, up and down
  8. Tag your posts “Gnomedex”
  9. We aim to stay on schedule
  10. Assume your photo will be taken
  11. Ponzi and Chris are at your service
  12. The Discussion Leader is in charge
  13. Everybody gets an invite to discussion lists
  14. Assume everything you say will be blogged
  15. Lunch and food at dinnertime are on us
  16. PowerPoint presentations suck
  17. We will have a live audio stream
  18. “Official” audio and video podcasts will be availble
  19. Additional t-shirts are $20 apiece

I also must note the scheduled announcements, launches, and demos on Friday afternoon. They’ve got 10 minutes (or less) to show us what they’ve got. We figured this was a great way for you to discover a few new tools – and actually watch them being used rather than reading written reviews:

  • WetPaint – Launching!
  • Bluedot.us – Launching!
  • SecondLife – Demystification!
  • Pixsy – Announcement!
  • Farecast – Blogification!
  • Melodeo – Announcement!

And now, for something completely different.

100 Seats Left at Gnomedex

Oh boy. I just checked registration numbers, and we’ve only got 100 seats left – and I haven’t even accounted for a few people. If you were planning on coming, register today. I can’t make exceptions folks – the main room at Bell Harbor can only seat 300 people. If you’re registrant #301, you’ll become a “Cove” Gnomedexer – experiencing Gnomedex from another room. That said, every attendee had a wonderful time last year – many of them returning for this year’s event. We’re going to be sold out before too long…