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The Truth is Out There – or is it?

So, I posted about potential dangers of aspartame the other day – and a flurry of comments came in, including loads of links back to Snopes. However, Snopes doesn’t seem to tell the whole story (not surprised, as no site on the Web is 100% complete). I let all the dissenting remarks come through since there were no personal attacks within, per se. The video seems to have surfaced a few more “stop thinking about anything other than what I think you should be thinking about” people, so I guess I’ve gotta take the extra step to do your work for you again. 😉

Okay, maybe I should also tell you that I… simply do not trust the FDA, nor any government institution that thinks it knows what’s best for my body. Let’s not get into the stories of internal FDA ineptitude that have already been discussed (that, again, is for YOU to read about independently). Here’s another resource that’s bent on posting news updates on aspartame. There’s also the DORway site referenced by several insiders.

Hey, I’m just saying: don’t assume truth is static, or that truth hasn’t been paid for (partially or entirely). When it comes to “truth,” you have to consider the source – and you also have to consider more than one source for “truth.” You must come to understand that sometimes “truth” is relative, not absolute.

And SOMETIMES “truth” is as absolute as we understand it to be.

A Little Controversy

I always appreciate viewpoints that snap me back to the middle of an issue. Such is the case for anything I post here (or anywhere, for that matter). It’s probably one of the reasons I’m a political independent, too. Posting alternative perspectives on the situations surrounding 9/11 is just one instance where I’ve wanted to stir a hornet’s nest recently – if only to make sure “the audience is listening.” It’s good to throw controversy into the conversation every once in a while to challenge (and sometimes reaffirm) our belief structures. People are certainly passionate about personal politics! Disagreements lead us to solutions, and it seems to me that the world needs more answers than it does pundits.