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Kat Got Engaged!!

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Yes guys, it’s really true. Our very own Kat is off the market for good. Mike – aka Mouse in chat – asked her to marry him last Friday, just before Kat did the weekly giveaway!! She accepted, and they are planning to get married on May 16th of this year. When talk on our Ventrilo server turned to the pending nuptials after the giveaway, I had to be sneaky and record it all for posterity sake!

Even happier news… Mike and Kat are expecting a brand new baby Geek sometime in late September! I know that many of you have been asking on a regular basis how she is doing. Kat reports that all is “mostly well”. She’s awfully tired, so go easy on her in chat you guys! She has a lot of “morning” (read: ALL DAY) sickness, but that’s slowly getting under control. Otherwise, she’s doing wonderfully, and is very happy.

This now makes two marriages that I am sort of responsible for. A couple of years ago, two of our other long-time community members met and ended up getting married. BigRedPimp and TSSTechAngel are still happily hitched, and still a large part of our community of Geeks! Go me! Maybe I should open my own Cupid business or something?! What do you think?

Congratulations, Kat and Mike. All of us here in Pirillo-land wish both of you nothing but years of happiness!

All Babies are Beautiful – or Ugly?

I don’t get it. All newborn babies look alike to me – except for maybe a few minor things like skin color, earlobes, etc. I mean, like right when they’re born – for the most part, I just can’t tell the difference in their faces! Every one of ’em looks the same to me. In the nursery, after they’ve had a chance to dry off and air out, maybe I can pick up a few of the more subtle features. Dunno. I’m not a daddy yet. But for the life of me, I just can’t tell the difference between a beautiful baby and an ugly one. Can somebody please enlighten me?