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How to Buy a Netbook

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While using the I Am T-Pain Auto-Tune app the other night, someone in chat asked if I would buy a netbook through Sprint or just purchase one outright from a regular store. You know me – I had to keep singing along through the app as I gave my answer.

I would definitely buy the device outright and not through Sprint. Think about it this way: Sprint could be dead in the water in a couple of years. Yes, they have a large network. Many other companies have had large networks only to die out for no apparent reason. With the economy the way it is, you just never know what’s going to happen. Where will you be with your Sprint netbook then, my friend?

Buying a device outright whenever possible is just smart, in my opinion. You aren’t tethered to any specific network or service. You’re free to choose what you do with that device, and how (and where!) you do it. There’s no contracts to worry about and no being tied down to limitations of a company – such as Sprint.

Would YOU buy through Sprint or any other company, or would you just head to your local gadget store and pick one up there?

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Does Auto-Tune Turn You into T-Pain?

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I had a little TOO much fun playing with the new I Am T-Pain app for my iPad. Created by our friends at Smule (the Glee app creators!), this little nugget is going to amuse you for many hours. Hey, singing the things my chat room said back to them kept THEM entertained.

  • The App bundles several of T-Pain’s top songs including Bartender and I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper), complete with lyrics, integrated Auto-Tune settings, and timings.
  • The App includes many previously unreleased T-Pain original beats.
  • Get five brand spankin’ new beats from the hottest producers every Thursday at 3pm. The first 100 to download them get them for free!
  • Use Auto-Tune with your existing iTunes library.
  • You can select the Freestyle option and use Auto-Tune for singing without companion tracks. Use this option if you simply want to send someone an Auto-Tuned greeting over email .

This app is seriously a LOT of fun, and you can spend hours creating some seriously cool tracks. Upload them to the app maker’s site and share them with the world.

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How to AutoTune in GarageBand

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This particular screencast was sent in by Elan. You might know him on the Web as App411. Here he’s going to show you how to use the Auto-Tune yourself in GarageBand. Auto-Tune was that funky robot effect that ruled the radio for a big chunk of 2008. Autotune is the effect made famous today by artists like T-Pain. Some swear by it, some condemn its usage. Whether you love the effect or hate it, I think you’ll have fun playing around with it.

The first step, of course, is to open up GarageBand, and open up a new project. Click on the voice tab, and name your project. Choose either the male or female basic track. Next, you’ll need to record a few notes. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a great singer. AutoTune will make you sound fantastic!

Next you’ll want to select the little button near the bottom-left that looks like a pair of scissors. You’re going to edit a part of the track that does not have your singing in it. Remove everything prior to – and after – your voice. Choose your desired volume. Elan chose to keep his at the default.

Next, you’ll go to the Advanced Tuning slider bar, and pull it all the way to 100. This will give you the full T-Pain effect. Choose whether or not you want to limit it to the key, and change the pitch if you like.

This was a great screencast, Elan! Thanks for sending it in. If any of you decide to create a track using these effects, make sure you share them with us so we can see what you’ve come up with!

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