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What Do Presenters Have to Say About Gnomedex?

According to nearly everyone in attendance, Gnomedex 10 was a huge success. Many are even touting it as the best of the series. While it’s nice to hear these things, we know that the success is directly related to the excellent lineup of presenters we watched on our stage. This year, the amount of talent and creativity inside of Bell Harbor was unparalleled. The subjects presented may have been vastly different from each other. However, the passion, inspiration and dedication of each presenter was the common theme that brought it all home.

Photo Credit to Jean-Luc David

We asked our speakers what Gnomedex meant to them, and a few have already responded with glowing praise. We will update this post with input from other presenters as we receive it.

Amy Karlson told us that “Gnomedex gave me my twitter “ah-ha”. Most of us HCI researchers haven’t caught on, but I now “get it” and am forever changed. I have even considered writing an opinion piece for our major conference entitled “Why researchers must use twitter”. I was amazed at what a strong sense of community it is able to create instantaneously and how effective it is for filtering the fire hose of information we all struggle to keep on top of. This epiphany may alter the course of my research!”

Willow Brugh says that Gnomedex was “Authentic: The core group are honest, kind, and no-bullshit. This means the rest of the conference follows suit. And holy crap, but that is nice. Accepting: As someone who is often the exception to the rules – whether due to hair, or gender, or interests, or whatever – I really appreciate this. Everyone expressed admiration of my hair; and everyone was up to talk about anything. Interesting: You have to have people who are interested in order for things to be interesting. It seemed that everyone had invested a lot of time and energy into their passions, but part of that was still interacting with the world. And that’s fucking brilliant.”

Trish Milines-Dziko made my little Geek heart sing when she told us “This was my first experience at Gnomedex and it far surpassed anything I thought it would be. My colleagues attended last year and didn’t really give a description that matched what I saw when I walked in the door, so I felt like I was looking through fresh eyes.

Chris is extremely personable and was really hands on – unlike some other conference hosts who think they’re just too good for the little people. Every single person involved with the conference was upbeat and knew how to treat folks.”

Larry Wu echoes the sentiment I keep hearing from attendees when he says: “I have never been to a conference where the atmosphere is about collaboration instead of competition. I was impressed with the openness and friendliness of the attendees, and the broad range of super high quality presentations.”

What did YOU take home in your heart from Gnomedex this year? Leave us a comment and share your story with us.

What Does Gnomedex Swag Look Like?

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The night before Gnomedex started this year, about 40 people gathered at my house to finish up last-minute details. One of the things that had to be done was to assemble the swag bags that attendees receive. My assistant Kat had a crew of about ten guys in my garage, where they formed a line to put together more than 350 bags.

We thought it would be fun to have the live stream going out there, so everyone could watch. Several of the chatters wanted to see what was going into the bags, so Kat took the time to sit down and show them everything. Thanks to Kevoc for capturing this for us!!

I have to take a moment to once again thank all of our amazing sponsors. Whether you were one who donated money, goods, or swag… you were all equally important in the success of this year’s conference. The swag was great, and the attendees loved and appreciated everything! Thank you!

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What Does a Standing Ovation Look Like?

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Gnomedex 9.0 may have officially ended, but I know that the memories will live on. I’m not going to post my thoughts and recollections just yet. I still need a bit of time to unwind, and go through everything in my own mind. I will say that it was an amazing three days, and I’m already hearing from the attendees that it was the same for them, as well.

At the end of the conference when I wrapped things up, everyone in the conference room stood to applaud. I was momentarily overwhelmed. That’s never happened before. To me, that speaks volumes as to how well it went.

I don’t feel that I personally deserved the ovation. Rather, it was for all of the many volunteers who made it happen… Mona and Kat and their legions of helpers. These women (and a few men!) gave up sleep for weeks on end to help bring it all home. They dedicated themselves to giving you the best conference possible – and I feel they did so flawlessly.
The ovation was also for the awesome array of speakers we had on hand. This year we had the best of the best. We brought together experts from many different paths and walks of life. We had inspirational moments. We shared tears and laughter… all thanks to our presenters.

And of course the applause was for the attendees themselves (including the virtual participants!). We wouldn’t even have been here if it weren’t for all of you.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in making Gnomedex happen this year. I couldn’t have done it without all of you.

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Tentative Gnomedex 2007 Dates

What about August 9th through the 11th (2007) for Gnomedex 7.0? I’m sure there are going to be scheduling conflicts, but consider this your “warning shot.” I realize this may concide with some family vacations, but you realize that Seattle is an amazing destination for kids of all ages? Okay, so… we’re thinking about setting the date for the next Gnomedex for that weekend (evening kick-off event on Thursday the 9th, and the conference on both Friday and Saturday). We’ll be doing it at Bell Harbor again, so… start making plans, and prepare to snap your passes quickly. Group discounts will be available this year.

Gnomedex is not Dead

I’m not sure who started the rumor, but Gnomedex isn’t dead. At least, not to my knowledge? If it’s dead, nobody bothered to tell me. We’ve had quite a bit of upheaval lately, but throwing Gnomedex out is not one of the things that’s happened. Quite the opposite in fact! We haven’t done any updates on the Gnomedex Web site largely because there hasn’t been much news to share.

We were planning on taking it to Los Angeles in 2007 – but I can assure you that the next Gnomedex conference will happen in Seattle (likely midyear, probably around the same time we held the 2006 event). It’s been our hope to make Gnomedex a bi-annual event, but Ponzi and I can only scale so much! Absolutely no conference management partnerships have materialized, so that keeps us somewhat limited in growth.

It’s our hope that after we get married (and after we move across town, and after we take our honeymoon, etc.) that we can find and hire an assistant to help us with some of our business matters. People are certainly out there, but we need the “right” person – and may wind up taking an intern from UW. I will likely be posting details about that at a date in the not-so-distant future.

Now, since you’re forcing my hand, I want to tell you about something else I’d like to do in Seattle – largely inspired by recent events with the local music community. I’m going to start seeding interest for sponsors and partners for a networking mixer between technologists and musicians. A party, if you will. Not sure where, not sure when, but it’s something I’d like to make happen before the summer.

I’m already communicating with the Gnomedex site designer to get a few of the graphics updated – and I think this year, once we figure out how to set up a WordPress theme to match the Gnomedex site design, we’ll let any registered Gnomedexer contribute to the blog if they’d like to do so.

Gnomedex Freedbacking

Before you send me an email with constructive feedback for Gnomedex 6.0, I’d encourage you to post your thoughts in this page’s comment thread instead. I’ve listened to a lot of feedback over the past couple of days, doing my best to adjust on-the-fly. I answered a lot of questions one-on-one, too. Still, I wanted a semi-formal way to collect your impressions in a single thread – so that everybody can see what could have gone better, and what went better than expected. I should list twenty things we could improve upon for next year, but I’m really tired and want to sleep for a week first. Feel free to post anonymously if you want, or send trackbacks from your own site to this post. I know we could have done a few better, so it’s not like I’m only looking to hear about the “good stuff.” Ponzi might be putting together a survey soon, too. Until then, don’t hold back – what are your thoughts on this year’s Gnomedex while it’s still fresh in your mind?

Gnomedex 6.0: Sold Out!!!

Yes, the main room (Bay Auditorium) for Gnomedex is SOLD OUT – but the Cove, much like last year, is still available. We can still get you access to everything else! We’ve arranged to have a unidirectional audio/video feed sent to an adjacent room throughout the conference’s duration – so you can enjoy Gnomedex in person, too! This is exactly what we did last year, and everybody had a great time (in fact, Cove Gnomedexers returned this year as early registrants).

These new “Cove” passes are still $499 apiece, as we’re charged the same amount per attendee (and we have to pay more for the extra resources used). Most conferences charge attendees a higher amount for their last-minute registrations, but we value your presence more than anything – opting to keep the price the same as it has been from the time we announced Gnomedex 6.0.