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How Do You Focus on the Task at Hand?

Sometimes, focusing our brain can be a difficult task. Things happen on a daily basis in our lives that end up muddling our minds. It becomes difficult to shut off the noise and truly focus on whatever it is we’re supposed to be doing. Even though the thoughts running rampant may be serious or life-changing, we still have to find a way to push them aside for a bit of time so that we can finish our work. Life goes on, even when we may not want it to.

My question is… how do you accomplish this? How do you manage to stop thinking about everything else and get the things done that you have to? What do you do to clear your head and distract yourself when you need to? I happen to know someone who is going through a very difficult and painful time right now. However, she still has to work in order to take care of her family. She’s having a lot of trouble concentrating. Instead of thinking through what she’s trying to write, she ends up having her thoughts consumed by what is going on in her life. I am hoping that our community may have some advice and tips for her to help her get through this period. I’m sure that she’s not the only one having this problem, either. I’m willing to bet all of you have had to deal with this at some point or another.

How do YOU turn off the noise and just focus?

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Asus Eee PC Seashell Unboxing

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I keep telling you that you never really know what will happen on the live video feed. Sometimes I leave objects sitting on my desk for days on end, just to torment people! I have here an Asus Eee PC Seashell. It’s quite cool, since there are currently only 14 in existence! I opened the box… and found it empty!! No wonder it’s so light! Nahhhh, I’m only joking. I unboxed it without you all this time. It’s pretty cool looking though, isn’t it?

The Seashell boasts a 1.6GHz processor, a 160GB hard disk, and GMA graphics. The glossy, tapered edges of the 10-incher are just plain sexy. The Eee PC Seashell offers great user comfort and convenience with its 92% scaled keyboard, multi-touch touchpad and instant key (for quick access to Wi-Fi and the touchpad lock). The 10.1-inch LED-backlit display will allow you to work or travel in absolute comfort for hours on end. The nice 170GB storage will let you store anything and everything you need to while you travel.

There’s even a webcam built-in, as well as having a fairly decent integrated sound system. The battery has an average six hour life, which is pretty good! It’s so lightweight and small, it’s perfect to carry with you everywhere.

I can’t do a full-on review yet, but stay tuned – one will be coming in the near future! I can tell you that it not only looks and feels good… it runs really well, also!

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What's the Future of Portable Computing?

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I’m quite surprised with the number of reactions we received after the unboxing of the Asus Eee PC. I received an email from Gordon that was thought-provoking, and thought we should discuss what he has to say.

I just watched your ASUS EEE review on CNN. It costs 400$. Have you ever compared it to the iPod touch? You might be wondering how can they possibly be comparable. When in China, I found out an unintentional usage for my iPod Touch: it’s a mini computer. When I got homesick, I’d find a wifi hotspot, and surf the web with my iPod Touch. I’d also write email, and check on my MySpace to say hi to friends. Even at home, when I’m eating chips or drinking beer, I can lean back on my sofa and surf the Web, as opposed to walking to my computer. When I visit my friends’ houses, I don’t have to kick them out of their computer to use the internet. I just pop out my iPod Touch, and surf away without making anything inconvenient for my friends.

Now that I think about it, it’s not comparable to an iTouch… it’s comparable more to an iPhone, due to the hardware capacity. I think the future of portable computing is more geared towards things like the iPhone, more so than a device such as the Eee. For one reason, the iPhone fits in your pocket. The Eee has a full-on keyboard, and can run Windows.

What do you really need from a portable computer? You’ll surf the web, check your email, maybe create or edit some documents. Gosh… why can’t we just use the iPhone? It’s easier and smaller… much better portability.

With great timing, Julian also sent an email to me with his top five reasons for using an Eee PC.

  • Cost For what you get, the Eee is a complete bargain in my view. I have the 701 4G, which came with the Xandros system loaded on it. I have replaced that with XP. However, there is a temptation to add extra memory, and also large SD cards. Once you have spent extra money on those components, you are heading towards the price of a reasonably well-featured, full-size laptop. If you do this, then think carefully about the uses you want to put the Eee to, as the small form factor may not be reason enough compared to a ‘proper’ laptop.
  • What operating system? Linux or XP? Try Xandros first before going to XP. If you are a regular Windows or Mac user, the temptation may be to ignore Linux altogether. Don’t. You will surprised at how functional Xandros is, and find that open-source applications may work fine for your needs. Buying, say, a copy of XP to put onto the Eee also questions the overall cost. For me, the small size and portability is key so these extra costs are acceptable. But this will not be true for all users. There are plenty of resource websites to help you look at alternative operating systems, such as Ubuntu.
  • Why do I want one? Before buying, sit down and write a list of your needs for such a machine. Do you only want it because of the “coolness factor”?Once the novelty has worn off, you may be left with a computer that has no more function than to collect dust. Key motivations may be a first PC for a child, portability whilst on the road, quick email and internet access, or portability around the home. Make sure you are going to have a real use for it.
  • Which versions to get? Buy the 4 gig version. 2 gig is ok if staying with Xandros, but for XP in particular… 4 gig is a must. Newer models are now available with 8 gig, and 9 inch screens. Apart from that, they are the same as older models. There are a couple of really nice utilities available for free. Astray Plus allows higher screen resolution with some loss of quality. Be careful not to overdo it though, as you are effectively forcing the machine to operate in a manner it was not designed for.
  • Battery life The battery life is ok, but I’m a heavy user of Internet and Wifi, which will drain the battery fairly quickly. There are larger capacity batteries available, but be careful what you buy. Some restrict the ability of the lid to open all the way back, and of course adds weight and size to the overall machine. A standard spare battery may be sufficient, but is something else to carry around.


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Unboxing an Asus Eee PC Ultraportable Computer

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The super lightweight solid-state drive Asus Eee PC showed up at my house the other day. It was sent to me courtesy of Asus, specifically thanks to an engineer of theirs who is a regular community member of ours. Without further ado, let’s do the unboxing!

As I open the box… something on the inside was glowing! I pulled out things like a copy of Microsoft Works, a battery notice, and some other papers. But.. that was it. There was nothing else in the box. I guess that makes this a non-event? I’m kidding of course. I already had the Eee PC running before I began recording.

It’s so small and light. It’s just insane. I have never found myself attracted to this size of a laptop. I have always craved power. There are times, however, that you just don’t need that much power. I’ve found that having a laptop near the television is a good thing. I may want to look something up or check my email during commercials, you know. Having a lightweight laptop for that purpose is great. There is a built-in webcam on this system, so I had to try it out! I’ve already uploaded a video to YouTube, called Asus Eee PC 4G Test Recording.

Here are some of the features of the Eee:

  • At 7″ and weighing only 0.92kg, you can take the Eee PC anywhere.
  • Bumps and shocks are no longer issues. With a dependable solid-state disk, you get unparalleled shock-protection and reliability.
  • Power-efficient design provides longer operating time when on the go.
  • With a rapid start-up time, the Eee PC is always ready to get into action.
  • No technical manual required with the specially designed, user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface.
  • You’re always connected with built-in WiFi 802.11 b/g that automatically detects and connects to the Internet at any hotspot.
  • The Eee PC includes the documents and the e-mails software, and a suite of other productivity software to help keep you on track.
  • Upload photos and videos and share them instantly on Flickr or YouTube without waiting till you get home.
  • Enjoy music and videos with extensive support for a wide range of digital multimedia.
  • Log on to Skype or other network, and you can connect with friends anywhere, anytime.
  • Clear up wire clutter with the built-in card reader, speakers, and microphone.

This little machine is an excellent buy, and perfect for anyone who doesn’t need a powerhouse of a laptop.


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