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Steve Jobs Calls iPad App Developer

Anyone who claims that Steve Jobs is not a hands-on CEO obviously needs to take the time to do a little research. There are naysayers out there who swear that the emails “from” him aren’t from him at all. They like to be snarky, and make up grandiose stories as to the origins of emails with Steve’s signature on them. Most people agree that he couldn’t possibly be the one sending these out. There has to be someone sitting in a little cubicle in Cupertino smiling to themselves as they type his name at the bottom of witty (and often mean) email replies. If this were all true, though, and Steve was not directly involved in things, why would he pick up the phone to call a new app developer after receiving an email from him?

Seattle developer Ram Arumugam emailed Jobs after his app was rejected by the company. Ram had filed an appeal and was unclear as to why his app had been rejected. He never expected to receive an email from the head honcho, and he certainly never dreamed that he’d pick up the phone to hear Steve’s voice on the other end.

Arumugam’s app, called “Economy for iPad,” was rejected because it contained some non-public code – which Apple doesn’t allow. Arumugam said he had used the private API to work around a problem with the on-screen keyboard, which Arumugam was having trouble removing from the screen after the user was done typing. After talking to Jobs, the code in question was removed from the app and then resubmitted. His $2.99 app, which tracks U.S. and state economic statistics such as GDP, unemployment and housing stats, is now the No. 1 selling paid app in the iPad store’s finance category, he said.

Now. Tell me again that Steve Jobs is too self-important or uninvolved to take time out to talk to the “little people.” When was the last time Steve Ballmer picked up the phone and called someone who had created a three-dollar application for Microsoft?