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Natasha, Art Girl Geek

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Traci Toguchi was in Las Vegas during this past week, covering the Consumer and Electronics Show for us. While attending an after-party hosted by Robert Scoble, Traci ran into Natasha Wescoat, who happens to be a friend of mine! Natasha is an Art Geek in the true sense. Not only is she an amazing artist… she’s also a true techie Geek! What more could you ask for? I have to give props to our friend Daynah for the camera work during this video… using an awesome Vado 3 that Creative sent to Traci for this purpose.

Natasha loves attending conferences, especially CES. She is obsessed with gadgets in general. She was also chosen to be a Ford Fiesta Agent. This involves spending 6 months behind the wheel of their own Fiesta, lifestreaming their experiences, and completing monthly missions to show you what the Fiesta is all about.

At one point, she created a unique – and amazing!! – art print of my dogs, Wicket and Pixie. The print was auctioned off, and the proceeds were given to a local animal shelter. That was an amazing experience for me, and we had a lot of fun trying to get the dogs to cooperate! I’m not sure the pups will ever lose the ego boost they gained from being turned into something that will be appreciated forever.

Natasha states that she is always inspired by whatever place she happens to find herself in. She manages to find something beautiful everywhere she looks. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if everyone could do that?

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Manage Your Music Library with TuneUp

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Tommy has created a screencast for us to show you how to easily manage your iTunes library using TuneUp. According to the TuneUp website, the program will clean up your library automagically. They used my word!! They must be good. TuneUp is touted as being your music collection’s best friend. Let’s take a look and decide for ourselves.

Often when you enter a CD and much of the information seems to be missing, such as the album art, genre and artist information. TuneUp will take care of this problem for you. Click the “Clean” button, and drag your track to that area. It takes only a few seconds to process. Click the “Save all” button once it is finished, and everything will appear – automagically!!

Another great feature of this application is called “Tuniverse”. If you’re listening to a track, Tuniverse will automatically display related music videos from YouTube, including live versions of studio recorded tracks. It will also pull up information about the artist, such as their bio. You can even click a button to take you to merchandise sales for the singer or band found on eBay!

TuneUp costs $19.95 per year, or $29.95 for a lifetime subscription. It works in both Windows XP and Vista, and Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard. There is a free version available, with a limited amount of cleans. You can clean up to 100 songs with it, and produce 50 album covers. With the paid version, you have an unlimited number of each to use.

Okay, so Tommy was right. TuneUp is a powerful and easy-to-use program to manage your music! Thanks for the excellent screencast.

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How to Discover New Music

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How do you discover new music? Don’t sit there and tell me you only like one type of music. You can’t just stop at some point in your life and decide you don’t want to listen to anything new. One thing I like about Pandora is that I can give it a specific genre or artist, and they’ll help me discover other artists that may be similar. I got an email from TJ recently who shared with us his top 5 list of ways to discover new music.

  • Find out who your favorite artists consider to be their inspirations. Chances are, you’re going to enjoy listening to them, as well. It’s easy to go online and find a biography of musicians you like. Those will usually include a list of names of the people who inspired them.
  • Listen to a lot of music on the radio, last.fm, or any other service. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a song on the radio that I liked, and wrote it down quickly to find later and purchase for my own collection. I tend to turn the radio to stations I might not normally listen to. That helps me broaden my scope, and allows me to find music I love that I might otherwise never have heard.
  • Get out and listen to local musicians. We musicians love all the followers we can get. Getting out and hearing them is always fun, and they love your support!
  • Join music-related forums. You’ll be exposed to so many different types of music that you may not have even heard of! Read what others are saying. If they’re raving about a new artist or song – check it out for yourself!
  • Trade music with others. I remember when I used to trade CDs with a good friend of mine. Just that summer alone, I was able to discover a ton of new things that I hadn’t heard before. I went from having only about 100 songs in my collection to more than 5000.

This same thing happened to me back in college. I traded CDs with a friend of mine. The name of a particular band was strange, but I gave it a chance. Turns out, I loved their music! By sharing the cassette tape with my friend, it turned me on to a whole new style of music… which turned into sales for the artist.

I want to consume music as I want to consume it. I’d rather “rent” the music, instead of owning it. That’s why I subscribe to Rhapsody’s service. I can pull up and listen to whatever I want, when I want it.

So my question again is “how do you discover new music”?

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Would You Like to Make Money with Music?

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How would you like to find an unknown band or musical artist, support them, help them get a recording contract, and then receive a portion of the proceeds from their sales? Is that something you’re interested in? On SellaBand, artists can upload their music, and find supporters.

For the first time fans and Artists can be in business together. Therefore each Artist issues 5,000 so called Parts. Parts cost $10 (plus transaction costs) each. Together Believers have to raise $50,000 to get their Artist of choice in the studio. At any point before your Artist has reached the Goal of $50,000, you can withdraw your Parts and pick a different Artist. You can even get your money back (minus a small transaction fee). It’s your music. It’s your choice.

Once your Artist has raised $50,000 SellaBand will assign an experienced A&R-person to this project. Together with a top Producer, your Artist will record a CD in a state-of-the-art Studio. During the process you will get an exclusive sneak preview of this exciting process.

All advertising revenues generated via SellaBand will be shared equally between the SellaBand Recording Artists, their Believers and SellaBand. The amount of money you and the Artist will get paid depends on the market share the artist has in the total number of downloads on SellaBand.
Three of the songs on the CD will be given away as free Downloads. The other tracks will be sold as paid Downloads for 50 dollarcents each. The net profit of these sales will be split evenly between you, your Artist and SellaBand.

That is very cool. Discover new artists and music, help launch their careers, and make money in the process. It doesn’t get much better than that.


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Where do you go to Discuss Art Online?

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My brother Adam is an artist, who is very passionate about art of all kinds. He has a live stream now. So if you’re into art or even music, why not drop by and visit him? You may even catch him live at work on a painting.

YOU all got him into this live streaming business. I recently visited Adam in Iowa for a few days, and streamed live from his living room. He became addicted quite easily. He loved the interaction with all of you, so thank you for that! Take it easy on him though. He’s not a computer geek like me… he’s an art geek. Don’t throw computer questions at him, or he’ll likely tell you where you can go.

Adam has a lot of opinions, and he stands behind them 100%. I’m proud of him for that. I enjoy watching him on his stream, and I hope you will, as well.


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