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Apple Announces iPhone 4 Press Conference for Friday

Several press people were invited to Cupertino to attend an iPhone 4 press conference on Friday. Apple must have something pretty big to say on Friday: they almost never release information this way. If it weren’t major, they’d likely issue a simple press release and be done with it.

It’s highly doubtful that the company will recall the new iteration of their iPhone. That leaves us to speculate for the next two days, trying to figure out what the heck they WILL be saying. The first beta of iOS 4.1 was released into the wild today. As feared, it doesn’t fix the antenna issue. It does exactly what the team at Apple HQ said it would do: makes the signal strength display more accurate.

What do you think Steve Jobs is going to have to say on Friday? Will we hear a public apology? Could we perhaps actually see a REAL fix in the near future at Apple’s expense?