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iPad 3G Unboxing

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Yes, it’s another iPad unboxing! It’s pretty much like a regular ol’ iPad unboxing, but 3G’ier. There’s really not much to see in an Apple product unboxing, though. I mean, they do a pretty good job at packing and the product quality usually speaks for itself. However, since products can’t speak, I’m forced to do the translating.

After this video, my iPad 3G said: “I really hope people leave rude comments about me in the YouTube thread. They will sound uneducated. They won’t bother to read the description, and I’ll be forced to make fun of them. Oh, and I hope Chris gets accused of being an Apple Fanboy, too – because that’s a convenient way out of any kind of coherent discussion. Attacking people because of their choices is like attacking people for the color of their skin – it’s wrong. Then again, what do I know? I’m just a talking iPad 3G.”

After having my original iPad for a few weeks, I have to admit that I’m pretty happy with it. I especially love having it to take to events with me. It’s just so easy to check email and do whatever I need to do while I’m away from home for a few hours. I appreciate that I now have the 3G model, as there have been times already that I’ve needed a connection and didn’t have an access point available.

So… the burning question is: “What am I going to do with my original iPad?” I don’t know just yet. I’m taking recommendations as to what I’ll do with it. I won’t be blending it or microwaving it. I might just lend it to friends to see if they enjoy it as much as I do.

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iPad Case Review

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I think I have found a case for my iPad that I am happy with. This is the Elan Passport from our friends at Griffin. Use 15% off Purchase + Free Shipping coupon code CJ1106 to lower the price.

The Elan Passport flips open to reveal your device, then closes like a book for privacy and protection, and its micro-suede lining protects your iPad from scratches and smudges. There are also pockets on the inside of the cover to hold your ID or other items.

I like this case a LOT. It’s easy to get the iPad in and out, and it fits in there nice and snuggly. It makes for a good stand no matter which way you want to turn it. It even looks nice. Everything I was looking for in a case is right here.

Don’t spend your money on Apple’s official iPad case. It’s not worth it. The Elan Passport from Griffin is a better solution. It’s clean. It’s uncluttered. It’s looks professional. It’s perfect.

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Unboxing the Apple iPad Live

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I started the countdown 24 hours ahead of time for my iPad unboxing. UPS was kind enough to make a mistake, and delivered it early! I set it out on my desk, and spent the day teasing everyone about the fact that I was going to get to open it early. I nearly burst at the seams trying to wait, trust me. I was dying to get my hands on my new iPad on this specific date.

Now that you’re mad at me because this wasn’t a real unboxing, why not join us on the live stream on Saturday? The real iPad will be arriving, and I WILL be unboxing it live.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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iPad Seen in Apple Store

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I can’t believe my local Apple Store had them in stock and was selling them tonight! I took advantage of this OBVIOUS oversight and decided to buy one on the spot.

This is the $499 (16GB) model. As you can see, it runs just fine. Too bad it doesn’t support Adobe Flash.

It’s more than just an oversized iPod Touch, as you can see. It sports a speedy 1Ghz processor, support for wireless “N” networking, a backlit LED screen, will allow you to connect it to an external keyboard, substantially longer battery life, and… a screen that’s perfect for sharing with others.

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Apple iPad Finally Makes Its Debut!

The long-anticipated “tablet” from Apple is now official! I’ve held off on making assumptions and guesses prior to the official announcement today. There was just TOO MUCH HYPE already on the Web – much of it laughable. I had my own ideas, of course, as to what the iPad would include, and I’m happy to say I wasn’t too far off! This slick, gorgeous little device is sure to make a lot of people very, VERY happy. However, there are some drawbacks that I see, as well.

The device has a 9.7 inch display, weighs only 1.5 pounds, and is only half-inch thick! It’s powered by a new chip, a 1GHz A4 (Apple’s very own). You can get one with 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB worth of space. It supports Wi-Fi, has an accelerometer, and has a built-in speaker and microphone. The screen is a full multi-touch (capacitive) screen. Battery life is purported to be a whopping 10 hours. In addition to Wi-Fi, it will have a 3G option from AT&T.

Therein lies the first gripe. AT&T? Seriously, Apple? AT&T has had enough problems handling 3G with just the iPhone and iPod Touch. Why do we have to be forced to use them for 3G service yet again? I can guarantee you that a whole lot of people are going to be very unhappy about that part. Heck, I’m already reading things from some people, claiming they won’t even bother with the iPad, simply due to this. A vocal minority, I’d assume.

Another huge gripe is the fact that the iPad does not come with an SD card slot, nor a USB port. However, you can of course purchase a separate adapter for SD media reading (their Camera Connection Kit). People want, need, and EXPECT their portable devices these days to have those two very basic features out-of-the-box. They don’t want to have to shell out even more money for adapters to make things happen.

The biggest omission is… a camera. Why they didn’t put one on the iPad is a little beyond me. Price and service are what largely separate the iPhone from the iPod Touch – but this is nowhere near a notebook replacement without a camera. A Kindle replacement, yes – an iPhone replacement, no. It’s an iPhone with a bigger screen.

On the upside, the price tag is far better than many expected it would be. The WiFi-only version, with 16GB of memory, will cost $499. The 32GB version will be $599, 64GB will be $699, and with 3G from AT&T, it will cost up-to $829. The good news on the 3G front is that you won’t need a contract. You’ll sign up for a monthly plan (cancel anytime). You can choose a measly 250 MB of data transfer for $15.00, or an unlimited plan for $29.99. That pricing – on both fronts – is a whole lot better than what I had figured it would be.

Another great piece of news is that nearly all of the existing iPhone apps will work on the iPad immediately. Apple also released a brand-new SDK today, so that devs can get busy creating new apps specifically for the iPad. The beautiful thing is that from now on, new apps that are created will work on either the iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad! I can just imagine the developers in our community salivating over this fact (already pounding away at their keyboards to come up with the next hot application)!

The iPad also comes with a new app called iBooks as well as an iBooks Store! Apple partnered with five publishers to make books available for sale through the iBooks store. The iBooks support the ePub format, and allows readers to casually flip through pictures, video, and other inline graphics.

I admit it – I will be getting an iPad. It’s one thing to read about it and watch all of the coverage. It will be another thing entirely to actually get my hands on one, and test it myself. I’ll reserve final judgment on the product until that time.

What are your thoughts so far on Apple’s newest gadget? Get it or skip it?