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Have You Tried Acai Juice Yet?

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I try to stay healthy. I start the day with a nutritious breakfast, usually including whole-grain cereal. I also tend to drink some juice with it. I’m told I need more anti-oxidants in my system, whatever that means. I found some juice that can help with this. Acai juice is one of the best ways to boost the anti-oxidants in your blood stream.

The Acai Berry which is commonly pronounced a-sigh-ee, is a rather small, round, and black-looking purple. It resembles a grape or a blueberry, but is yet smaller and darker. This fruit has a large seed and minimum amount of pulp. The acai fruit berry is now broadly used in energy juices, ice cream, certain energy bars with granola.

Known as the miracle fruit, acai berries also helps in preventing cancer due to it’s antioxidant properties that are five times more potent than gingko biloba, a commonly used herbal therapy product.

Acai berry juice has been introduced into other products like bars and health snacks to be sold at gyms and health spars. It’s history is important as by studying the effects that the berry has had on the tribesmen in the Amazon we have discovered that it’s traditional use as an energy booster for hunting and good libido has lead to acai berry juice to being a very commercially viable product.

There are many health benefits to drinking or eating Acai berries. I’m hoping that drinking this stuff will help me contain my free radicals!

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