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Apple Announces iPhone 4 Press Conference for Friday

Several press people were invited to Cupertino to attend an iPhone 4 press conference on Friday. Apple must have something pretty big to say on Friday: they almost never release information this way. If it weren’t major, they’d likely issue a simple press release and be done with it.

It’s highly doubtful that the company will recall the new iteration of their iPhone. That leaves us to speculate for the next two days, trying to figure out what the heck they WILL be saying. The first beta of iOS 4.1 was released into the wild today. As feared, it doesn’t fix the antenna issue. It does exactly what the team at Apple HQ said it would do: makes the signal strength display more accurate.

What do you think Steve Jobs is going to have to say on Friday? Will we hear a public apology? Could we perhaps actually see a REAL fix in the near future at Apple’s expense?

iPhone 4 Antenna Fix

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Okay, so the fix isn’t quite the most elegant in the world – but if you’re really concerned about the antenna’s signal dropping from bridging the gap with your skin, simply use a bit of cellophane tape to cover the “drop zone.”

According to FastCompany, “Problems observed in the iPhone 3GS are much more pronounced when the device is upgraded to iOS 4 indicate that there is also a software issue involved in the matter. iPhone 4 users can’t downgrade to earlier versions of the core software, making it impossible to compare its relative performance.”

People participating on Apple’s tech support forums report that Apple confirmed an update to iOS 4.0.1 as early as Monday. However, that post (and all discussion related to it) has since been deleted. We cannot confirm absolutely when this update is going to happen, but it will likely be in the very near future.

Until then, rock that scotch tape!

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