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Aloha, Hawaii!

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Here I am, leaving Hawaii again. I had an amazing time at the [re]Think Hawaii last week. I not only made some new friends, I was able to gain several new perspectives on many things.

If you wanna know what it’s like to land in Hawaii, simply play this video backwards!

The next time you take off from an airport, upload your video and post it as a response to this one. It would be cool to see takeoffs from different places.

[awsbullet:hawaii travel guide]

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Aloha, Hawaii!

Aloha, Hawaii

Sadly, my time in Hawaii has come to an end. The Great Indoorsman actually had a fabulous time in the sunshine. Yes… I went outside. In the sun and fresh air. Not only did it not kill me, I actually enjoyed it.

Aloha can mean one of three things: hello, goodbye or I love you. I’m definitely loving Hawaii, and I have to say goodbye. Hopefully, it’ll be a hello again one day soon.