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Use Hotmail With Any Existing Email Address

We all tend to have more than one email address: the average person maintains three of them. This is done to organize different types of email, maintain different parts of our persona or simply to keep spam away from our primary email Inbox. There are several good reasons to want more than one email address, but maintaining them all can be a royal pain. Hotmail is trying to make that easier on you beginning today, by helping make it simple to manage current and future email address in one place.

You can now use Hotmail to create and manage multiple email aliases from one single Hotmail account. Along with features they introduced back in November, the new alias feature gives you all of the benefits of multiple addresses without having to change your primary account – or your online identity.

Email aliases let you create completely different email addresses that you can use to receive email into your primary account without anyone knowing what your primary email address is. This is very important to many of you out there. In this day and age of privacy concerns and Identity Theft, we safeguard our information – including our primary email address. Setting up an alias or two can help you avoid having to do so.

Starting today, you can add up to five aliases per year to your Hotmail account, up to fifteen aliases in total, all designed to make it a lot easier to organize different types of email and personas in one Hotmail inbox without having to give out your primary email address if you don’t want to.