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How Do Stormtroopers Get Through Airport Security?

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Chat room visitor Benson wanted to know how difficult it is for a Stormtrooper to get through airport security while wearing all that armor. What do YOU think – seriously?

Let me tell ya – it’s a joke. They asked me to remove my watch. I don’t wear one – where the hell would I put it? They asked me to remove metal. Dude, come on! I can’t! If I’m not wearing my armor, I’m open to the elements. I can’t do it!

They tend to let me twist through, cuz they really don’t want to get shot. I’m not trying to downplay airport security, but they really don’t want to mess with a Stormtrooper. You don’t want me to even explain what happened when one of the security people tried to do a strip search on one of our guys. I still shudder every time I think about it.

We don’t encounter this too often, anyway. Stormtroopers usually prefer to use their own form of transportation.

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