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Listen to Facebook and Twitter With Aha Radio

Aha Mobile was a finalist in the 2010 Microsoft BizSpark Accelerator at the SXSW conference last week. With so many new social media services cropping up left and right, we tend to look past many of them in frustration. Aha Radio, however, is one I can definitely get excited about.

Aha Radio will easily turn all of your favorite websites into on-demand radio stations, right on your iPhone. You can grab the App for free and set it up in minutes. Listen to all of your podcasts while driving, or catch up on your friends’ Facebook statuses. Keep your eyes on the road while driving, and let the App keep you in touch. Switch to the Nearby Traffic station to check traffic conditions, or even find out what restaurants may be nearby.

Check out some of the things you can do with Aha Radio on your iPhone:

  • Check the Traffic Conditions – Get instant updates on traffic conditions ahead of you, based on your current location. The App pulls information from Inrix and Clear Channel. In addition, it gives you instant information about accidents and events that other drivers using the App have reported. See something you need to alert drivers behind you to? No problem. Just tap the screen and leave a voice shout to let them know.
  • Facebook Check-in – Trying to read status updates on Facebook while driving is a stupid idea. Listening to them, however, is no more dangerous than listening to the radio or a CD. Aha Radio filters out social game updates, and will only read actual status updates to you.
  • Community Interaction – Hate driving alone? You can tune in to either the Jokes or Rants stations, and have a few laughs. There’s also a Karaoke area, where you can die laughing while listening to other drivers sing along to their favorite tunes. If you’re brave, you can even record your own voice to share.
  • Hungry – Ah, food. I don’t know about you, but I always want to know what munchables might be along the route I’m driving. Using this feature would let me know what restaurants may be up ahead, and even prioritize them according to my preferences.

Enhances your driving experience in a way that neon lights and spoilers never could. I downloaded it while still listening to the presentation during SXSW, and I’m thinking you’re crazy if you don’t get it for yourself.

Thanks go out to AMD for helping me to attend SXSW this year!