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How to Gain Weight Fast

We recently discussed ways you can lose weight quickly. What if you are trying to gain it, though? Have you ever wondered what you would look like with up to one hundred pounds added to your body? I’m sure that by now many of you are shuddering at the thought. However, a new iPhone app that adds pounds in seconds is a huge hit in the social media circle.

FatBooth works on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to plump up your face before your eyes. Simply take a front-facing picture (or use one already in your library) and let the app work its magic. The application will work out the changes to your features automatically, but it will give you the option of tweaking the image. The finished result will show you how your face would look if you spent six months snarfing down various junk foods.

While these pictures may be fun and many of us are giggling over each others’ new mugshots, there is a very legitimate reason you may want to do this to yourself. If you are currently on a diet of some type, having a photo like this may help keep you motivated. It could provide an extra bit of incentive the next time you want to reach for a late-night cupcake or skip your daily exercise routine.

The app was created by British company PiVi & Co. They recently had another hit with AgingBooth – an image manipulator that lets you see how you’ll look in about fifty years. FatBooth is available right now on iTunes for only ninety-nine cents.