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What’s Shaking in the Windows 7 Beta: The Windows!

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I am running Windows 7 on my TouchSmart PC, as well as within a virtual machine on my Mac. I have the Aero Basic scheme going in the VM, sadly. However, even in Basic mode, I can still show you a feature that’ll have you jumping around. It’s called Aero Shake.

Not only has 7 been upgraded to give you more features from your taskbar, it also includes new ways to manage your workspace! You can shake the foreground window to minimize other open windows in the background. When you want to focus on a single task with a desktop filled with open windows, just grab the title bar of the frontmost window and shake it back and forth. It will minimize all of your other windows – freeing you from having to minimize them one-by-one. Another shake will restore all of those windows right back to where you had them before.

Remember, you can also drag and drop a window to the edge of the screen to maximize it, and click on the title bar again to restore it to the previous size. We covered that tip earlier.

There you have it… just one more way that Microsoft is scoring big with Windows 7.

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Microsoft Slows Microsoft Down

Microsoft Slows Microsoft Down.PNG

The screen shot from Windows Vista proves it. Any comment, Brandon? Of course, I’d expect a lot of these kinds of bugs in beta builds – especially when one beta is combined with another beta. The search “engine” is light years better than it was in previous verisons of Windows, or so the Search team tells me. I haven’t yet tried to copy my PST over into Outlook. I’ll be using Vista more and more on the road, as it’s now my laptop OS.

Windows Vista Feedback

I spent a few hours with Windows Vista last night, per Jim Allchin’s request to send him feedback about what I discovered in terms of discrepancies and oversights. I took that task seriously, and stayed up late to compile this far-from-comprehensive list. I sent it to him at 1am, and I hope he doesn’t have a filter that keeps him from seeing it. I realize this list is lengthy, but… these reasons are exactly why I’m afraid Vista won’t be as polished as originally anticipated. I warn you, this list is long – and it’s only going to get longer, the deeper I dive into Vista Beta 2. This list is longer than the interview! If you think this list is long, check out my follow-up list of 65 More Windows Vista Mistakes.
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