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Too Much RSS to Digest? Snack on It with Snackr!

I don’t know about you, but I follow a lot of different things. Reading your plethora of RSS feeds can be extremely time consuming if any of them are even remotely active. I’ve found a solution, and it can work in conjunction with Google Reader, or another reader you may use – it’s called Snackr.

Snackr is an Adobe AIR application, so it is designed by nature to work cross-platform. It’s an RSS ticker that will randomly pull content from your all of your feeds and display it. If you see something interesting you can click it once and get a preview popup, or click it twice to view that article in a browser window.

Snackr also tells you where the article came from and how old it is. You can set your ticker preferences to show you feed articles up to 30 days old, with the lowest setting being one day. For those of you who need up-to-the-minute news and information, Snackr could be the just right application for you to keep up.

Snackr is very easy to install. All you need to do is go to http://snackr.net and download the free application. There are special instructions for Linux users to follow, but they say the application may be a bit buggy because of previous AIR problems.

Once installed, the program will welcome you and tell you to get some feeds. It will ask you to start with a sample feed set, import a feed list from another feed reader, or add feeds manually (and tells you how). If you choose the sample feed set, you’ll start getting articles right away, ticking across the bottom of your screen. You’ll be given articles from Adobe, the Dictionary.com Word of the Day, Astronomy pictures, CNET News, and a variety of others. Want to use your own instead? Choose the import or manual option and then you can tell Snackr to open your saved OPML file.

You can dock Snackr on any of the four sides of your screen. To move it, all you need to do is click and drag it to another area of the screen and it will dock to the closest position.

If you are brave, you can download the test builds available at Google Code. You also have the opportunity to sign up for their public beta. Don’t forget, you can also follow Snackr on Twitter.

Do you know of other great RSS applications? What are YOUR opinions about Snackr?

Linux and Adobe AIR – Can They Work Together?

Adobe AIR is a great way for developers to make desktop applications full of rich content that can be depoyed cross platform. However, up until today those who tried to run AIR applications on Linux had a rough time. The runtime and Software Development Kit (SDK) for AIR was originally released only for the Mac and Windows. Linux users required their own SDK; a public beta was pushed out earlier this year, and as beta testing goes, it had issues. Through a lot of feedback given by developers, Adobe was able to determine the problems with the software and the needs of the Linux community – just like how any other beta test works.

Yesterday Adobe proudly announced that they have released the AIR 1.5 runtime and SDK for Linux. However, with this comes a few small problems:

  1. Only three distributions of Linux are supported, all open: Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE. There are specific versions supported as well, so you will need to check the details.
  2. The 64-bit Linux distributions are not natively supported. Adobe has posted some information regarding the Flash Player 10 pre-release and a work-around to get AIR onto 64-bit Linux.

The good news?

You are now able to run all the wonderful applications your friends that use a Mac or a PC can! Applications like TweetDeck and Twhirl are now available, including countless others. You can check out the Adobe AIR Marketplace for more applications to download.

Are you an AIR developer? How does this change affect how you are developing your application? Don’t forget to leave your comments!

What are the Best Free Adobe AIR Apps

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Adobe AIR is Adobe’s entry into the field of widgets. It’s a better idea than just something on your desktop. Developers are able to create a potentially rich experience, and have it run cross-platform. Even though I think the whole Adobe AIR platform is quite ready yet, some of the apps that are available are truly getting there. I found a few of them that I think are pretty good, and I now have on my own computer.

  1. FotoBooth is an application built for fun where you can quickly snap pictures using your webcam. It offers a dozen different filters to distort your images and also integrates with flickr for one click uploads to your flickr account..
  2. iSpy uses your web cam to take a quick snap shot and save it to your local disk whenever it senses motion. If there is a level of motion that exceeds the sensitivity level, it will either take a quick snap shot and display on screen or if “Save pics to disk” is checked it will also save a copy to the user’s picture/iSpy directory.
  3. ReadAIR is an OSX Themed Desktop Client for Mac or Windows.
  4. PandoraBoy allows you to control your music with global hotkeys or your apple remote. Additionally, it supports growl notifications so that you always know what you’re listening to.
  5. ShrinkOMatic lets you resize photos easily. You can set size and ratio limits, change the output format, and then drag and drop your pictures.
  6. WebKut allows you to feed it a URL and you can snapshot it. It will save the page out as a .PDF file with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.
  7. Clevr is a seriously easy way of creating and sharing panoramic photos. It not only helps you create stunning panoramas, but it also lets you turn them into interactive images that you can move around and navigate.
  8. CL Desktop is a user friendly way to browse Craigslist. Setup just the right searches to find what your looking for, and save them for instant access anytime you need. CL Desktop is an application that runs on your desktop to bring you a better view of Craigslist postings.

So those are just a few of the applications available for Adobe AIR that you might want to check out if you haven’t already. What other AIR apps do you use and enjoy? I’d like to hear about them.

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What is Adobe Air?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – A few of my friends joined me on Skype last night to discuss some of today’s hot Tech topics. This video covers the release of the second beta of Adobe Air.

Four of my friends joined me for this discussion: Kat, SC_Thor, Wirelesspacket, and last but certainly not least… Datalore.

In this video, we discussed the newest beta release of Adobe Air. Adobe Integrated Runtime is a cross-OS runtime environment for building Rich Internet Applications, using Flash, Flex, HTML and Ajax, that can be deployed as a desktop application.

Users interact with AIR applications in the same way that they interact with native desktop applications. The runtime is installed once on the user’s computer, and then AIR applications are installed and run just like any other desktop application.

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