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Can a Facebook App Help You Get into College?

When you hear the phrase there’s an app for that, you’ve traditionally thought immediately of the iPhone – or another smartphone, perhaps. Starting today, you may just think of Facebook first, instead. We already know there are about a kajillion apps on the popular social networking site. You can play games, grab your horoscope and lose weight with many of them. Thanks to startup Splash Networks, though, you just might be able to get into college by using a Facebook app.

AdmissionSplash can help find the colleges that you should be applying to. This is done by applying algorithms to information you provide and spitting out a list of schools most likely to accept you. The app will ask for information such as your test scores, address, sports involvement and even your volunteer activities. The app will then calculate the chances of your being accepted to particular institutions with ratings from “very poor” to “very good.”

In a test run with 73 students who applied to UCLA, AdmissionSplash accurately predicted acceptance at a rate of 85%. The study shows that the app can definitely work in your favor, but it obviously isn’t perfect. It can absolutely help take away a little of the stress you feel when trying to figure out which schools you’re supposed to be filling out all those papers for.