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How to Understand Teenagers

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Have you ever wondered what those teenagers are saying when they type acronyms like LOL, WTH, etc? Community member Lamarr Wilson created this video to showcase a website that will help you figure out what the heck (WTH) your kid is trying to say.

Teen Chat Decoder is a free service that helps you make sense of the gobbledy-gook that is rampant in text messages and IMs from teenagers. Heck, I even know many adults who type this way! If you’re constantly confused when reading these types of messages, then this site is going to help you.

To use the service, you only need to start typing the acronym in the white box and then wait for the database to return results. For example, if you type in LOL, you’ll see that it is a way of saying they are currently Laughing Out Loud. The service will also give you other results that are similar (or which use portions of that same acronym).

Lamarr will be doing a video for us every Monday, talking about things relating to technology and social media. He’s entertaining as heck, so keep your eyes peeled for his contributions.

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