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iPad Cases and Stands Roundup

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Over the course of the past month, I’ve received a handful of iPad accessories to try out. Most of these are stands or cases, and I wanted to try them out. Be sure to email me before you buy any of these products. I will do my best to get a coupon to you. With so many great things to choose from, how will I decide which is best for me?

I’ve been using the Griffin Elan Passport for a while now, but it may just be time for a change. I liked this particular product because it protects the iPad very well and it serves as both a stand and a case. If you wish to grab one of these for yourself or ANY of the Griffin products, be sure to use coupon code pirillo886 to save yourself some money.

Griffin also sent along the new Loop for my iPad. I love this little thing. It’s simple and unobtrusive. I use it in my living room. As you can see in the video, the iPad fits in there snugly in either portrait or landscape mode. I like that the grooves (notches?) in this stand are large enough to accomodate thin cases and covers.

The next stand in this montage is the UpStand from Just-Mobile. I really like this one. In fact, it’s been used on my desk right here in my home office ever since I received it. It looks great with the aluminum finish, and matches the decor around here well. It’s lightweight yet sturdy. It works very well, even with various cases on the iPad.

Another stand of sorts is the WedgePad. It’s sort of like a bean bag for the iPad. You can even strap your device in to keep it more stable. It works pretty well, and it’s definitely something different. It has a more relaxed look and feel for your surroundings.

Something I’m not likely to use on an ongoing basis came in from Hard Candy. The iPad case is actually difficult to get on. It certainly works alright, even if I’m not a huge fan of bright orange. They’ve made all of the appropriate slots in the case to accomodate the areas for charging and such.

The JAVOedge Fiber Axis case is very professional looking. It’s a nice carrying case. If you don’t really like skins this may be the product for you.

Speck sent along the CandyShell case and the See-Thru Satin case. The See-Thru case is both a translucent case AND a stand of sorts. It will work well with a docking station, which is cool. That’s an interesting idea. It feels very well constructed. The CandyShell is a rubberized shell. This product has the same flap in the back, which is cool. It’s shiny!! I love shiny! I’m not as happy about the logo being so large on the back, though.

The case that I have decided will be my new iPad case is the Cyber Acoustics Leather case. This company is local, hailing from Vancouver, Washington! I always like to support local companies whenever I can. It’s easy this time, since this is such a great product. It looks fantastic. There’s a piece of plastic on the inside to keep the device stable. There are rubber grips to hold it in place, and none of the speakers or ports are covered up. The Griffin Elan had that issue, which is why I’m not as happy with that item. This case also makes me feel nice and secure. It just FEELS like it’s secure as heck. You can also double-back one of the flaps and fold it into a well-stitched notch. Viola! You now have a stand, as well.

Each of the cases I’ve shown you are good products in their own rights. However, not all of them meet the needs that I have. We all look for different things, so any one of these could be just what YOU are looking for.

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Where Do I Buy Mac Memory and Accessories?

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When I showed people the live install of my 16GB of Ram in my new Mac Pro… people started asking me where I bought the Ram. At first, I was reluctant to say. However, I decided to share with you. I have had nothing but good luck with products from MacSales.com. They have an excellent Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Other World Computing works hard to bring our customers competitive prices, quality products, and a friendly as well as knowledgeable staff to make your shopping experience a pleasant and productive one. But you don’t have to take our word for it, this is what our customers have to say!

I’m definitely going to try to work with MacSales to hopefully bring you coupons in the near future. They have an excellent product-list, great service and support, and very good pricing. What’s NOT to love?


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SLR Accessories to Buy

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Calvin writes: “Just watched you video on your new Rebel XTi. Congrats! I remember when I made the jump and it was great. As a hobby photograph,I used point and shoot cameras for a while. I thought I’d suggest 5 things that I found helpful as a DSLR owner.”

  • Additional lenses I’m not being specific here, because every “eye” is different. I like landscape shots, so my wide angle lens hogs my Canon body a lot. It always helps to carry more than one lens at a time, you never know when you need that Telephoto moment or that wide angle when you just can’t step back any further. Assuming you’re gonna stick with Canon lenses, be mindful of the difference between EF and EF-S lenses. EF-S is for the cropped sensor models e.g. Rebel XTi, whereas EF are usually for the full frame sensor models e.g. 5D. You can fit EF lenses on an EF-S body, but you can’t fit EF-S lenses on a full frame body. So if further down the line you trade that Rebel XTi in for a full frame model those EF-S lenses won’t work! Also, Canon don’t ship lens hoods with their lenses that aren’t part of the L range (argh!) so you’re gonna have to buy a separate lens hood for that lens if it’s not an L “Luxury” model. IS (Image Stabilization) is another feature to look out on lenses for if you find out you have more shaky hands then you realize. Since the body doesn’t have this technology and any IS you get will be from the lenses, the benefit of this that you can see the IS effects through the viewfinder.
  • Battery Grip Picture the scene, your baby is in Ponzi’s arms and is about to yawn for the first time. You reach out for your camera in attempt to snap this amazing moment…. only to find out the battery is dead. Not that this has happened to me, but you can imagine you’d be pretty livid if this were to happen, regardless of how organized you are with batteries. Which is why I recommend a battery grip for your Rebel XTi. Not only can you store 2 batteries worth of power within the grip, but it also allows you to hold your camera vertically much easier and has additional controls when holding it in that position. The official Canon model is the BG-E3, but if you find that too pricey, there are some other ones out there which are basically the same but don’t sport the Canon name.
  • Flashgun + diffuser Whilst the flash is acceptable on the camera itself, it can never fully compare to a proper flashgun. With one, you can adjust its angle so you can bounce the flash off walls or ceiling for a less direct flash. Or even better, use an off-shoe camera cord and manually control the direction of the flash with your hand off-camera. Take a look at the offerings from Canon’s Speedlite range, they’re sure to get you going a bit. I also recommend getting a flash diffuser. Basically its a small device which softens the flash from the flash gun, which is especially useful if you need that direct flash but don’t want the harsh shadows that go with it.
  • Tripods/Monopods Tripods are fantastic if you want to take shots which just aren’t possible handheld. I have a bit of a soft spot for long exposure shots, but that’s just me! I recommend something from the Giottos and Velbon range. Again, I won’t name specifics because everyone has their own tastes so I suggest you get down to the store and have a feel, tug at its joints and play around with it. A monopod isn’t a must, but if you feel the need to reduce the camera shake in those moments but don’t have the time to setup the full Tripod, it may come in handy.
  • Camera bag You’ve got the equipment, now you need a container. I have several camera bags, namely a backpack if I want to carry a tripod, laptop and a few lenses for a long trip or a small messenger bag for just the camera and another lens. Unfortunately, I find most camera bags look too much like camera bags and are begging to be swiped. I recommend Crumpler. It’s not cheap, but they do make attractive bags. And whilst now thieves have caught on that Crumpler bags are what more and more photographers are using, for the most part they disguise themselves pretty well as being passed off as just “a bag”. They make a large range of backpacks and messenger bags for photographers so do check them out. If you don’t mind that obvious camera bag look, check out bags made by Lowepro. Their sling bags are a favorite for photographers, and their range is very respectable.

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Top Cool Laptop Accessories

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I’ve been multi-tasking today using Ponzi’s MacBook Pro… AND my own, as well. Doing so much on Ponzi’s machine caused it to run really hot, so I needed a good way to cool it. I tried out the Chill Pak I ordered awhile back. Oh and yes… her MacBook Pro has a red Speck case.

On Ponzi’s machine, I’ve been installing Boot Camp, and using VMWare Fusion to access it. Using such system-instensive tasks made the MacBook run really hot. So, I grabbed the Chill Pak. I’m sure you remember when I bought it? It was created by actor Dean Haglund, from the X-Files. You just throw it in the freezer for about an hour, and the gel inside of it freezes. You then place it under the hottest part of the Notebook… staying away from the battery and any vents. Voila! The temperatures will return to normal, and the Notebook will run MUCH better.

I’m also running smcFan Control on my machines. smcFan Control displays temperature and fan speed in the menubar. You can apply different fan-settings with just one click. It also lets you set different minimum speeds for every fan separately… and save them as favorites.

The Speck Case on the outside of Ponzi’s MacBook Pro is not just for looks. It also helps protect the case. It’s removable… just snap it off or on. And well, yeah. It looks cool. I like the color red, don’t get me wrong. But on a Notebook? I’m just not convinced of that.

What I want to know is what accessories do you have (or want) for your Notebook? What can’t you live without? Which ones do you wish you had never bought because they just weren’t worth the money? Leave me a follow up comment to this video, or send me an email to [email protected]

E Ya Later!

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