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Do Your Tweets Make Sense?

Life doesn’t always make sense, so why should all of our Tweets? One fun new site is sure that you will agree with that sentiment. The premise behind That Can Be is a simple one: input your Twitter name and allow the service to compose your next Tweet. The results are often hilarious, usually head-scratchers and sometimes NSFW.

The hot new service quickly scans your Twitter timeline and randomly pulls words you have written together into a new message. The process takes only a few seconds, surprisingly. If you aren’t happy with what it comes up with, you can just click that “get your next Tweet” button again. A new missive will appear nearly instantly. As soon as you’re satisfied with the results, go ahead and push that “post this tweet” button – I dare you!

Disclaimer! I have never written anything about Steve downloading or installing any type of illegal booty. I swear it!

Website such as this are popping up all over the place lately: simple little things that quickly go viral. They leave us trying to figure out what the hype is about while we’re busy using their service every chance we get. What’s the pull behind things such as ThreeWords.me and others?

I’ve heard some claim that these services are just another way to get attention and promote ourselves. Still others dismiss them as “innocently fun time wasters.” Whatever you attribute the success of viral sites to, one thing is clear: they work. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to pimp yourself out by shining up an About.Me profile or clear your head by playing mindless games. These hip services do what they were intended to do from the start – suck you in and hold your attention.

What other services out there making the rounds tend to grab you and make you want to sign up? What is it about such simple little sites that cause you to go completely insane over them?

How To Have One Profile

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We have too many profiles on too many social networks. How do people new to our circle know where to find us? We can’t just spam them with all of our links at once. Matthew is taking a look at About.Me this week. The site is a great place to create ONE profile and link to the rest of the places you can be found online.

Your About profile is completely customizable. Add whatever links, feeds and information you choose. You can choose different fonts and colors for each separate section and make the background you feel fits you the best.

Add your email if you wish, move the description box to a better place on the page and even view your stats. The Dashboard will show you the average time spent on your profile, the total views and the number of new visitors. You’ll be able to see how many times your various links were clicked on.

One thing Matt suggests is to link to this new static page in your email signatures. Instead of listing your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, why not just give out one simple link to serve as a landing page?

Do you have an About.Me page yet?