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How to Find Old Software

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Have you ever loved a program on your computer, only to hate it after updating to a new version? You go back to the site, and find out the older version is no longer available? Well, thanks to community member FireWireIRA, I want to tell you about a site that will change that.

OldVersion.com is a place that incrementally archives downloadable versions of hundreds of outdated programs. Sometimes upgrading to a newer version can be a good thing. Other times, your computer may not be compatible with the new version, the new version is bloated, or all the options you liked are no longer available. OldVersion.com has been supplying the online community with old versions of various programs since 2001.

OldVersion.com assists computer users who are unable to continually upgrade their computer. Those who find that their machine is not able to run the latest version of a certain application have no choice but to use an old version of the program. Unfortunately, the vast majority of software companies do not offer this opportunity. This site helps, by getting you the older versions that will run with your hardware.

One thing I want to caution you about, is to beware of any security issues that older versions of programs may have. Many times, new versions or updates are issued to address security holes. Take a minute to use Google, and see if there are any known issues with the older version. Trust me… you’ll be happy you took that time to make sure.

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