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3D TV Is…

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3D technology has been around for several years now and has undergone significant changes during that time. Ryan called from the UK asking my thoughts on 3D TV in general, and whether I feel it is a “fad” or not.

I would say that 3D isn’t a fad – it’s a feature that will be over-used in the near future. I expect we’ll see 3D in places that it should never be found. I’m sure that the adult entertainment industry is chomping at the bit. I don’t even want to think about that possibility, seriously. If anything drives technology forward, it’s them. Look at the history of their excessive use of tech that no one else really ever caught on to.

The idea of 3D in the home is long overdue. Having seen various movies in 3D, it was a seamless experience. I would welcome the ability to experience it in the comfort of my own home. It’s tricky because right now, 3D requires too many processes. You need the right signal, the right glasses and the right hardware. There’s too much that can impede the process.

At some point, most of the content distributed online (or from regular TV distribution channels) will cull a groundswell of support for 3D TV. With the proliferation of HD television, we’re still seeing media produced in the plain old format. There is still hardware being produced that doesn’t stack up and give you an HD experience.

It’s going to take awhile before 3D in the home catches on.

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