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Analog VGA Vs. Digital HDMI and DVI Video Connections

VGA has been an active video standard for personal computers for a very long time. DVI and HDMI (along with the newer display port standard) are making a tough case for the aging analog port, though you might be surprised to find out that VGA is still superior in some ways…

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Does Technology Creep You Out?

ClosetFuturist asked via Facebook:

I’ve been trying to stay aware of trends that are arising in the technological revolution. I’ve been researching it through Documentaries, Keynotes, and even scientific papers. I see a number of discoveries and innovations that could have moral and ethical dilemmas attached under the current system. Some are already occurring. There’s also the reality of biological interfacing that is already happening. Are there any aspects of the tech revolution that has you concerned or even a little creeped out?

It’s pretty much as you laid out, there.

I’m concerned that while technology may be advancing at a rapid rate, the human condition is still operating in the dark ages.

No, seriously.

We have all these great tools around us that are here to make our respective lives better (and, for the most part, I’d say that the quality of life has improved thanks to advancements in high tech and Internet access outright).

But the same tools that can build can also destroy, and if we don’t accept responsibility for what we do with technology… it’ll destroy us altogether.

Let’s illustrate the problem with a simple tool: Twitter. It’s easy to send a tweet that uplifts, inspires, informs, entertains… but what else do people use Twitter for? To diminish, degrade, and derail. Same holds true for YouTube (or any social platform).

Or, worse yet? Some people woefully choose to designate their choice of a smartphone platform as a personal religion.

If that doesn’t illustrate just how disconnected humanity is from technology, nothing does.

We have tools to better connect us, but… some people have yet to develop the emotional maturity (and cultural awareness) that it’s going to take to let these tools build us up together rather than tear us apart.

A tool can often be only as good as its user.

Does Technology Creep You Out?

Where is Wearable Tech Headed in the Future?

Patron Tom Grieve seems to really be interested in wearables! You, too, can become a Patron and receive priority answers to your questions!

How far do you think wearable tech will go in the next 10 years?

I think it’ll become invisible.

Well, maybe that won’t happen in the next ten years, but that’s where it’s headed.

Wearing a watch is already old-school; developers will slap a few features onto wrist-worn gadgetry and we’ll use it if it brings a benefit to our life (beyond the idea of style).

For wearable tech to work, it has to blend in with our lifestyles – not get in our way.

And for the foreseeable future, technology will continue to be IN YOUR FACE (and that’s not a good thing at all).

Imagine a 21″ CRT monitor strapped to your face and how silly that idea sounds.

That’s what we’ll think about today’s state of tech affairs ten years from now.

What is the Future of 3D Printing?

Cj Peradilla asked:

What do you think of 3D printing for the future of tech?

I’ve talked about this so many times over the past few months in TLDR.

I’ll probably continue to cover the subject ad infinitum over the next few years, too.

So, if you’re dissatisfied with how I choose to respond today, my suggestion is that you take some time to catch up with what I’ve said about the topic before and continue to tune in for when I’ll more than likely tackle the topic again.

3D printing is not even in its infancy at this stage; it’s expensive, clunky, and overwhelmingly frustrating. That will thankfully change, and we’ll eventually see more viable real-world applications apart from printing out crappy-ass doodads with no quality control involved.

It certainly has its place within certain industries today, no doubt – but that’s not really what you’re asking about.

3D printing will (in the future) destroy an array of industry strangleholds.

Why Does it Take Apple so Long to Approve an App?

Marc asked:

Why does it take so long for an app to be approved for the App Store?

The company takes its sweet time to approve apps, yes. However, there’s a reason for that. The employees must be sure that the apps don’t contain spyware or malware. They need to be sure there are no significant bugs and doesn’t have a poor UI.

They verify that the apps do what you say they’re going to do and that there are no private APIs being used. They are careful to check that the apps don’t crash all of the time. And, of course, they have to be sure that there’s nothing embedded that is disallowed by Apple.

It’s all about user experience. This is the reason so many people prefer to have an iPhone or iPad over an Android device… the quality of the apps. Before anyone screams at me – I know there are great apps available for Android devices, as well. However, overall… the App Store is simply superior when it comes to making sure that you’re getting exactly what you’re promised.

Why Does it Take Apple so Long to Approve an App?

How Do You Create a Good Vlog?

iFreakShow asked:

So I do videos, and I want to make better vlogs. I have a hard time “being myself” or feeling not awkward. Any tips on making better vlogs?

Why do you feel you have a hard time being you? That’s actually the biggest key to creating a great vlog: be who you really are. Act natural. Don’t try to stage things – especially funny moments. They always end up falling flat. Talk to the camera as though you’re talking to a friend… exactly the way you normally would. I do recommend, though, keeping your language family friendly!

Are you afraid that your normal YOU is boring? Think that you’re just not interesting? You’d be surprised, actually… I’ve seen many popular vloggers who let their nerdy/geeky/goofy/weird selves shine through and they’re wildly popular because they aren’t trying to be what someone else thinks they should be.

YOU are the reason people watch, right? Why would you think that’s not enough? Being in front of a camera can be daunting much of the time. It’s scary to know that people will see your every expression and hear every sound that comes out of your mouth (or body!). Let go of the anxiety over that. Take a deep breath, turn on the camera and forget it’s there. Just live your life and record as you go!

What about all of you? What tips do you have?

How Do You Create a Good Vlog?

Is Full Integration or Wide Experience More Important?

Ehtesham asked:

I am currently thinking of buying a laptop, tablet, and a phone but I am not sure what I should look for. Should I go for a perfect integration between all my devices like a Macbook, iPad, and iPhone or should I go for a full experience of all phones like Windows laptop, iPad, and an Android device?

It honestly depends on the experience you’re looking for. The most important thing to remember is to get devices/machines that work for you. Does each one offer you what you need? Will all-Windows or all-Apple devices do what you expect of them?

Another thing to think about is ecosystem: are you partial to one over another? Do you have fears of “switching” operating systems?

Something else: money. Let’s face it: certain types of devices cost more than others. I’m not going to argue whether those particular pieces of technology are “better” or not: that’s relative, anyway. But you have to keep your budget in mind when looking at what to buy next.

What about all of you? Is it more important to you to have all of your machines and devices “match,” or do you enjoy using things from a variety of manufacturers?

Is Full Integration or Wide Experience More Important?

Does Google Glass Invade Your Privacy?

Urgebot asked:

Lately some people have been signing the petition for Google Glass to be banned in the US because you can’t tell specifically when someone is taking a video or picture of you. Is this different from vlogging with a GoPro or any other modern camera? And do you think it’s bad enough to be banned?

A lot of people feel that Google Glass invades their privacy. Many feel, though, that there is no real expectation of privacy in public or online these days. Social media has invaded our lives so much – along with mobile devices equipped with cameras – that we simply can’t sit here and believe that once we’re outside of our home (or even still INside, at times) we will never be captured in photos or videos.

It happens every day. Even without Google Glass, there are likely photos and/or videos of you on Facebook or Twitter that you really wish were not there. Did your friend think it was hilarious that you overslept and wore pajamas to class? Did she throw that photo on Facebook for everyone to see? What about the time you tripped on something and landed in a compromising-looking position? I bet people laughed over that photo, as well.

There are thousands of videos out there of what should have been very private moments, captured and uploaded via cellphone. How is Google Glass any different?

I may not be a GlassHole myself, but that doesn’t mean I support banning the technology. Heck, if we do that for the reasons you outline, we’d have to ban cameras in phone and tablets, as well.

What do all of YOU think?

Does Google Glass Invade Your Privacy?

What Would You Do Without Mobile Technology?

Patron Andrew G. wonders what life would be like without mobile technology. You, too, can become a Patron and receive priority answers to your questions!

What would you do without cell phone technology and or mobile technology?

Now that mobile tech is so pervasive, it might be difficult to transition to suddenly going without it. Let’s face it: we use this stuff for work far more than we likely even realize. Can you imagine not having those devices to rely on anymore?

It wouldn’t be impossible, yo. We’ve done it before and we could do it again. Having to adjust to not relying on my phone or tablet would suck hardcore, but I would still do all of the things I’m doing now. It’s not like I’d have to live without the Internet…

How Do You Get YouTube Subscribers?

SolidSafety asked:

What is the best way to get over 1,000 people to subscribe to your YouTube channel?

There’s no sure-fire quick and easy way to grow your subscriber base. Trust me – I know. The key is to produce content that people will enjoy watching – and that you will enjoy creating. If you’re just doing something by rote because you think it’s the “right” thing to do, people will pick up on that. They will KNOW you aren’t passionate about your topic and they will not be likely to want to watch and subscribe. You have to believe in what you’re doing.

Find what you’re good at – what you’re passionate about – and THEN worry about finding your niche. What perspective can you bring to the table that no one else does? That’s where you need to focus.

Be sure to do things such as use tags and good catchy titles. Use funny thumbnails whenever possible (when you’re able to do them, of course).

NEVER use one of those “sub for sub!” scams. They’re just that – a scam. Do you REALLY want a bunch of fake followers who don’t actually FOLLOW what you’re doing?