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Cigna Facestrument Facebook App Turns Your Face into a Musical Instrument

Turn Your Face into a Musical Instrument with the Cigna Facestrument Facebook AppNever before has turning a frown upside-down been such a game changer. Literally.

As popular indulgences like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero — to name just a couple of examples that spring to mind — prompt you to move parts of your body in a certain way to trigger advancement in the game, the Facestrument app has you follow visual queues to contort your face accordingly. "For what ghastly purpose?" you may wonder. It's to create music! For fun! Can you imagine such a thing?

Wickedly strict piano drill sergeants teachers across the land are panicking as they read this. Those hours of lessons inflicted on disaffected youths seem like a quaint, 20th century concept now, hmm?

If you've got a simple webcam and the ability to relax some of those nagging inhibitions that try to tell you that making faces in the company of others is juvenile and silly, then you can also make a fool of yourself enjoy the fun to be had with the Cigna Facestrument Facebook app. C'mon! Everybody else is doing it. Well, I'm doing it, anyway, and I hope I'm not the only one.

It takes a village, people! A village of winking and wiggling, pouting and puckering, grimacing and grinning, facially gesticulating countenances to really have a gas with this thing. Otherwise, you may as well confine your activities quietly to the bathroom mirror where you sing to an audience of you; does that sound like any fun? Let's turn it into an orchestra of laughter with the Cigna Facestrument Facebook app. At the end of a session, you get to see — and share — your own music video (here's what my Facestrument video looks like), and you're presented with a score so you can compare your success with the rest of your friends.

Oh, is fun and personal achievement not enough motivation for you? You're looking for something a little more interesting? Fine. Okay. Then you can enter a sweepstakes to win a $100 Visa gift card by trying out the Facestrument app and leaving a comment under this post with a link to your video. Alternatively, you can mail a 3"x 5" card to: IZEA, 1000 Legion Place, Suite 1600, Orlando, Florida 32801 and include the words "Cigna Facestrument Sweepstakes" along with the word "LockerGnome" so Cigna knows where you found out about Facestrument.

But really, don't you want to share your best funny faces with the rest of us here? Go play with your face now (thanks to Cigna GO YOU on Facebook).

Don't worry. Mom was kidding when she said that your face would stay like that. Your evil piano teacher — the real villain in this whole scenario — was a bad influence on her. Oh, and here are the contest rules.


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While this post was sponsored by Cigna GO YOU, all opinions and funny faces expressed above are completely my own.