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Is Social Media Good or Bad?

Charlene Gray is concerned about what’s happening in the social sphere.

Is social media good – or bad? It seems to me that almost daily there are more people spreading hate instead of talking to each other and learning from each other. What do you think?

It’s both.

We already know why social media is good. It connects us all in ways we never imagined just a few years ago.

How is it bad, though? I believe that in some ways, it has perpetuated the anger, hatred, intolerance and ignorance among us. Think about how many Tweets and Facebook posts you see each day that are slurs against someone (or an entire subset of people) couched in a “joke.” How often do you see outright hatred being spewed across your streams?

The ease of social media posting has given a voice not only to those of us trying to make the world a better place, but also to those who are trying to tear it apart because they are ignorant.

Just as social media sites have made it easier for us to connect with others in a positive way, they have made it easier for the human race to tear each other down. It takes ten seconds to type out a Tweet or Wall post – and a lifetime to erase the pain that your words could cause. Think before you post. Stop hiding behind a keyboard and take ONE moment to decide if you are one of those contributing to the ball of antipathy surrounding our lives. If so – do the rest of us a favor and just knock it off already.

Is Social Media Good or Bad?

What is Microblogging?

Michael asked:

What is microblogging and is it important? Is this something I should be doing for my new small business?

Microblogging, quite simply, are short posts made on mediums such as Twitter and even Reddit. Instead of writing a full-on blog post, as I’m doing here, you’re posting a sentence or two to sum something up that you need to say – often including a link for more information. Many people also classify forum posts in this category, but I don’t.

Is microblogging important to your small business? Likely. Having a presence on Twitter, Pinterest and even Reddit (depending on your intended audience) can be crucial to your success. You’ll need to (obviously) know your target audience, know what they’re looking for and then talk to them. Don’t ever just throw out links or messages you think will go viral. Your customers don’t care about that crap. They want you to talk to them – interact with them – ask them questions and give them answers. They want to know you’re THERE… accessible to their needs. This builds brand loyalty and word-of-mouth (by consumers who trust you and your product or service) is invaluable.

How many different microblogging sites do all of YOU belong to, and how do you use them?

What is Microblogging?

What Should a New Blogger Write?

Techinformania asked:

What should a newb blogger post? She s/he post something about themselves or just start posting what others want?

First – posting an introduction in the blog itself isn’t really a good idea. It will quickly get buried and no one will see it. Try making a separate “About” page on the blog site so that people can get to know you.

Second – why on Earth would you ever write what someone else wanted? Even if the point of writing a blog is so that others will read it, you’re not supposed to write whatever it is they think you should.

You need to focus on what YOU want to write. Write what you know and are passionate about. Put your own spin on your topics. Add in your thoughts and feelings. Ask questions of your readers. Trust me… people who are interested in the same things will love what you’re doing if you’re being yourself and writing what you love.

Don’t do anything “for” someone else. Do it for you.

What Should a New Blogger Write?

How Important is Social Media to a Business?

HyderPotter asked:

Should social media be at the top of the list for companies who sell things?

I don’t know about “top of the list” for any type of company. But… social media definitely needs to be a priority.

Companies obviously need a great product or service and amazing customer service. Those things have to be the main focus. Once they’re in place, you have to buckle down on marketing. Any good marketing plan these days involve social media.

Don’t do what too many businesses do: throw links at your customers. Yes, they want to see products and sales. They want to know what you’re up to. But more than that, they want you to TALK TO THEM. Seriously. Interact with your customers and it will build into an actual community based around your business. Don’t talk AT them… talk WITH them. Answer questions. Pose questions. Share a funny story or video. Interact with fun comments. Like things they’ve said and ReTweet when you can. Don’t just paste a bunch of crap and then ignore the streams until the next day.

Don’t panic over Facebook’s algorithms, either. You’ll never get it right. It’s hard work. Just focus on the things I mentioned, and your social presence will grow.

What about everyone else? What tips do you have?

How Important is Social Media to a Business?

How Do You Manage Your Online Presence?

Patron Andrew must be struggling with all of his social profiles! Perhaps he’s starting to burn out? You, too, can become a Patron and receive priority answers to your questions!

How do you manage your online presence? Do you use any software solutions to help you?

I know I’ve talked about this in the past, but it’s always a good reminder to bring up occasionally. I have a LOT of online profiles… in more places than I can remember. Currently, I am using about nine of those daily.

I do have help with my social media, as all of you know. HootSuite saves our bacon: it’s a simple way to schedule and/or send out status messages to multiple networks. Notice – we never send the exact same thing out everywhere. It’s always slightly tailored to the audience and network. There are some networks that HootSuite can’t handle, of course. For those, we end up just logging in manually and keeping yet another tab open all day long.

How do all of YOU manage your online lives? Do you use a solution such as HootSuite, or do you do everything via apps or browser?

How Do You Manage Your Online Presence?

How Many Social Accounts Do You Own?

Franky Juarez asked:

How many different social media accounts do you own/control?


Well. I honestly don’t think I can possibly count them – or even remember them. Due to the branding that goes along with my name, I sign up for most everything, just so that my name/brand name is “taken.” I obviously don’t always fill in the profiles or ever use each of these services. But I DO have a whole freaking ton of these floating around.

What am I using regularly would have been a better question – at least, one I could more easily answer!

What about all of YOU? How many different social profiles do you have?

How Many Social Accounts Do You Own?

What is the Biggest Impact of Social Media?

Christopher Bryan Lencioni had a fabulous question:

Name, in your opinions, one of the best cultural impacts of Social Media as well as one of the worst.

Certainly, “social” has brought us closer together; we should realize that each of us is not alone. People are the best part of “social.” Think about it: we’re connected to the entire world! There’s just no way we could do this without social media.

Unfortunately, however, jackasses who believe that the world revolves around their own social accounts and perspective still exist. People are the worst part of “social.” I get quite tired of these people. Entitlement – you don’t have it!!

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