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Malware – Hate to be Correct

There are times when internet predictions are simply too easy. Last Monday, on these pages, there was an indication that there would be an increase in malware because of the news of the swine flu problem. Regrettably, this has come true. There has been an increase in spam, phishing, malware and other nefarious online activity.

For this reason, the suppliers of SUPERAntiSpyware were asked if they would extend their promotion with us. They have extended the generous offer to our readers until May 8, 2009 to save ten dollars off the normal purchase price.

The other reason for extending this offer for our readers is that it gives an opportunity to address an issue that one of the commenters raised. There was a question about who in the security community recommended this product. Well, names can be listed and we will do so briefly:

  • Our very own Kat is a four-year Microsoft MVP in the area of Windows Security. Kat has been working on malware-removal forums for nearly seven years now, and is an Administrator at GeeksToGo. She highly recommends this program on a regular basis.
  • Catherine Forsythe and her software assessment group recommends this program. Catherine has been assessing security programs for over a decade now.
  • Mike Healan from the original SpywareInfo site and newsletter began recommending this product when it was first introduced.
  • Sean Roe, another Microsoft MVP and owner of 247Fixes calls SAS an excellent program.
  • All of the malware-removal websites that are “heavy hitters” in this field recommend this program to their users. The list of sites includes (but is far from limited to): GeeksToGo, BleepingComputer, SypwareInfoForum, and What the Tech.

We could go on and on, but there should be a point made here. No security program is absolutely faultless. Given the nature of the internet and the pace of infections, absolute guarantees just do not happen. However, that being said, pains are taken to recommend the very best available. There may be disputes about which program is the most effective and that is bound to happen. What is recommended has been vetted thoroughly by literally hundreds of Experts in this field on a regular basis. Each and every one of them still recommends this program to literally thousands of people every single day.

IF there was a dubious program recommended, the inbox would feel it within hours of the program being featured. This does not happen. One person raised an issue. Nevertheless, let there be no doubt whatsoever that computer security and keeping your data safe are taken seriously here. It would be wonderful if no security products were needed. That is not going to happen any time soon. Therefore, we present serious security software to our readers and do hope that, with the good prices, some time and focus will be paid to keeping the computer safe. It matters because it can impact upon you and then others online.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker

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Do you want to be a Certified Ethical Hacker?

I know you think you’re a “hacker” because you run scripts that someone else wrote, but… no. It takes a lot more skill than that. It takes education. In some cases, that education may have been attained through experience. Need a jump start?

Izea approached me and asked if I’d be interested in taking an ethical hacking course valued at $2,995. I said: “Sure, let me get my wallet. ARE YOU CRAZY?!” I’m not a security advisor, nor do I want a career in code. That would certainly be a small price to pay for training that could lead to bigger and better contracts if I happened to be in that line of work.

If you’ve ever called yourself a hacker (but weren’t anything more than a glorified script kiddie), here’s your chance to redeem yourself… at least, as far as certification is concerned. I’m not sure you can consider yourself a real hacker until you have the respect of your peers. Still, that shouldn’t keep you from attaining as much knowledge as you possibly can.

Okay, so what if I gave one of YOU access to the full ethical hacking course from EC-Council?

You’d have a chance to learn (or reinforce your understanding of) security fundamentals, penetration testing, computer forensics, disaster recovery, secure programming, and more. All you have to do to qualify for this giveaway is leave a valid comment as to why you’re deserving of it.

Remember that punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling count – if you’re not willing to throw back a decent paragraph, what makes you think you’d be competent enough to handle such a course? So, give us your story.


Why should you become the next certified ethical hacker? Tell me why! Again, I’d request that you put a little thought into this. If you’re wanting this because of your current or future career, I do believe your reasons should reflect that passion!

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