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Inbox (Colin Devroe)

One of my good friends has just put up a site. He is no webmaster
mind you, however, his wife sells Soy Candles. In case you are in need! I am not positive if his website is 100%
functional yet. You may want to call in, after looking at the
merchandise online.

That's just great. Don't tell Gretchen, please?

I'm Drowning In My Tears

My wife finally has her own blog. I just woke up, came upstairs, and she's written umpteen thousand paragraphs about the dream(s) she had last night. Boy, this is going to be real fun. Aren't you glad I unleashed the power of the blog to her? Or, you… as the case might be.

The only thing I can remember from my dream last night was meeting Eugene Levy. He kept making false graves for his friends. And… please, would someone shut this fellow up – I'm drowning in my tears.

No Time Like The Present

It's high time I started my own blog. I launched Lockergnome's Bits & Bytes on Blogger, but found it missing personality. Technology is my life, but every once in a while I gotta use a word like 'boobie' or 'poop.' And you just can't do that in Lockergnome, sadly.

Following the advice of a Gnomie (and a link from Leoville), I downloaded and installed the free Movable Type personal content / blog management system on Lockergnome's server. It's very nice so far! I wasn't terribly impressed with the default page template, but at least I can create and manage more than one account. MT creates a “syndication ready” XML document automatically, and can be notified of new posts as they are uploaded – but I still can't parse RSS feeds to stream headlines on the site.