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Do You Want the Android Mascot?

How cute is this little guy? Even if you’re not an Android fan, I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t mind having one of these. The Android “guy” is cool, no matter what operating system or device you prefer.

Who wants this Android action figure?

“The term mascot – defined as a term for any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck – colloquially (informally) includes anything used to represent a group with a common public identity, such as a school, professional sports team, society, military unit, or brand name.” These items and characters tend to be an important part of a company. Take this little Android guy – you see him somewhere, and you just know who he represents. And yes, there are people out there who are loyal to a product simply because they fell in love with the mascot.

You may be wondering if your company needs a mascot. I’d venture to say a definite YES! What better way to have people able to easily identify you and your product or service? When we see that cereal-stealing rabbit anywhere, we know he represents Trix. We grow up knowing these characters before we even understand their role in our society. It’s not only products aimed at kids which can be identified this way. Pay attention to commercials on television: everyone from the insurance agent to the gas station has a mascot.

You still have to have a great product and excellent customer service. But having a way for people to recognize you at a glance is another step in the process to gaining the recognition your company badly needs. Knowing who you are helps give potential customers a sense of security and trust in connection with your brand. Being able to say “ah yeah, that’s Company X” each time they see your mascot builds their confidence in the relationship.

Star Wars Geek Gifts

What’s the best gift for the hard-core geek in your family? Most likely, you will never go wrong with something – anything – Star Wars related. In my case, you totally will be an epic friend if you hand me something that has Darth Vader on it, as well. Thanks go out to my friend Michelle Gamboa and her fiance for this fantastic spatula set.

Does this mean I have to cook now, though?

Teach parents tech?

Have you had to teach your parents how to use a computer? How many hours (or weeks!?) did you spend just getting the basics down with them? I feel for you – honestly. I’ve been there, done that and hope to never repeat the experience again.

Teach parents tech?

Go ahead – tell us your best horror story here in the comments. What’s the most frustrating, funny or outrageous thing that happened when trying to teach an old dog some new tricks?

How to Edit Audio and Video with Roxio Creator 2011 (and a Giveaway!)

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When the good people at Roxio asked if we wanted to take a look at Roxio Creator 2011, I jumped at the chance and tagged Dylan to do the honors for us. His work is solid, and I knew he’d give an honest review. From what I’ve seen in this video, Roxio Creator 2011 is a fantastic overall application that will fit most of your media needs. We’ll tell you later in this writeup how to win one of three copies for yourself!

Roxio Creator allows you to edit in 3D, and create standard-definition and high-definition Hollywood-style 3D movies on DVD from 2D and 3D input. Free 3D glasses are included with your purchase!!!

Easily edit your standard and HD videos. Add picture-in-picture effects, titles and scrolling credits. Rotate video with one click, auto-adjust color, brightness and contrast. Access and share the videos and movies on your PC from the Internet virtually anywhere, anytime.

Trim unwanted parts, combine multiple tracks together, normalize the volume across the mix and add fun effects. Create advanced playlist projects with crossfades, transitions and audio mashups. Dylan reports that this software is quite good at audio editing. He would know, as he’s a professional podcaster and works with audio files every day.

The photo-editing portion of the suite is not one that Dylan felt comfortable enough to do an in-depth review of. He admits to not being a photo editor. However, he found the software to be intuitive and simple to use… yet allowed him to make photos look very VERY good with just a few easy clicks.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one suite, Roxio Creator 2011 just may be the one for you! If you’d like to win one of three copies for yourself, make sure you’re following me on Twitter. Send me an @ Tweet and include the hashtag #RoxioCreator before noon eastern time on Friday, December 17th. Three people who do this will be chosen at random to win a copy for themselves. That’s all there is to it!

This is Why Apple Wins EVERY TIME

Do you wonder why Apple always wins in any “war?” This sign found in a local store should clear the air for you. The iPod is a specific brand of MP3 player. EVER. OTHER. device has been lumped together – as far as this store is concerned – as simply “mp3.” The merchant obviously feels nothing else will make them money like the iPod will.

This is Why Apple Wins EVERY TIME

This happens quite often in stores all around Seattle and other cities I have traveled to. Are you seeing the same types of favoritism towards Apple products where you live?

Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

Here in the US Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Many of you will run yourself ragged and lose your mind as you try to prepare the perfect holiday meal. I wanted to help you out by scouring iTunes for some of the best apps to help you reach your goal.

I also wanted to remind you to go easy on yourself and remember to laugh. Gobble Gobble!

Thanks to chat moderator tengrrl for the fun Photoshop job. Original image taken from Nothing but Costumes.