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Which Mobile Battery Booster Are You Using?

Just after I recorded TLDR last night, Patron Jenny Propis sent this to me in an email. Don’t forget: you can become a Patron and get priority answers to your questions either here in my blog or in a video!

I just wanted to tell you that today’s TDLR was great! I especially like when you unbox new items, even though you said you don’t like to. I was wondering if you could put links to those items in your description box of your vlogs? Reason being, is my brother always seems to call me when his cell phone battery is low, and then has to hang up before I’m finished talking with him. So I wanted to send him a link to that small battery booster you had on your phone. Honestly, I think its just an excuse to get off the phone with me! 🙁

Thanks for asking, Jenny! The “battery booster” that I featured yesterday is the Phonesuit Battery Case for iPhone 5. This was recently sent to me by the company to try out — and try it out I am! I’m on the go a lot and I need extra go-go juice! (NOTE: this is totally not the same thing as unboxing juice!) You’ll find this little baby packs a 2100 mAh battery inside to charge your iPhone, which has given some users an additional 120% on their battery life. That’s a huge increase!

In reading reviews for this case on Amazon, many people are claiming that the “marketing hype” on Phonesuit’s website for this product is absolutely accurate. How often do we see that these days?

I’m sorry I can’t put the link to the product in the video description anymore, so I hope this will suffice! (Yes, I will put this link in the description!) YouTube no longer allows us to do that with Amazon affiliate links, so boooo!