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Does Linux Need Your Help?

Free MacBook Air, anyone? Check out this tweet to find out what you need to do. And if Apple catches your eye, then you should definitely tune in for our live Apple event announcement discussion!

Also, did you know that there’s a LockerGnome app that you can download to your smartphone right now? Yep! It’s available on Android and iOS — so to those of you who say that I play favorites, I say “No way, Jose!”

Unless your name is Carl, Maureen, Scott, Jennifer, Nigel, Annabelle, Omar, Nadia, Boromir, Daisy, Augustus, Tammy, Asif, Kirsten, Chuck, Desiree, Angus, Ruth, Enrique, Horatio, Connie, Bruce, Sasha, Danny, or Pam, in which case I would probably say something else.

Anyway, to get back to the headline at hand, Linux may not really be in need of your help, but people can sure get up in arms if anyone dares to mutter something like “Linux is dead.” Things can get pretty ugly pretty quickly, but I have to say this about the open source community: it’s a passionate one.

The issue here isn’t that Linux is dead, but that it should be more prominent than it is for as much as it is beloved by its devotees. They contend that it’s better than any other operating system (though it could be argued that Linux isn’t technically an operating system, it’s the closest term we can use to explain it to non-Linux users in a way that they can understand) — though “better” is, as we always say, relative. If you’re a Linux fanatic, you’ll definitely want to weigh in with your opinions about Linux at the post in question. And if you’re not a Linux fanatic, maybe you’ll learn something from the discourse?

If the topic of Linux bores you to tears, on the other hand, you’ll be happy to know that we talked about a lot more than Linux today. Watch this to find out what we covered, and follow the links therein to read up. Enjoy!

Does Microsoft Hate Open Source Software?

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Josh represented Microsoft during OpenCamp recently. People were quite confused as to why Microsoft would be interested in Open Source products. While Windows and Linux may be competitors, much of the Open Source applications are not. They run really well in Windows.

The IIS team is making sure that open source software runs better on Windows than it does on Linux. Microsoft is very supportive of the people making these applications, and attends a lot of conferences to help them in every way they can.

To anyone who feels that Microsoft hates Open Source, Josh asks them to take a new look at the Redmond team. They compete hard where they have a product that may be similar, such as the operating system and Microsoft Office. However, when it comes to everything else – keep your eyes open and let Microsoft work with you to make the best application you can produce.

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Manage Your Apple Device on Your Ubuntu Desktop

libimobiledevice has but one goal: to be able to manage your iPhone, iPod or iPad right from within Linux on your desktop. Unlike other projects, it does not depend on using any existing proprietary libraries and does not require jailbreaking. The application will allow you to access your device’s file system, retrieve your information, backup or restore the device, manage your icons and apps and synchronize music and video to the device.

The latest release of libimobiledevice has been tested with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – all versions which run firmware up to 3.2. It appears to work flawlessly, and won’t cause issues by having you jailbreak your device.

The program is open-source (and won’t cost you a dime). If you’re a Linux user who also happens to own an Apple mobile device, I highly urge you to check out libimobiledevice. Let us know how your experience goes.

Ubuntu Thoughts

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My thoughts on Ubuntu… hah! I think it’s a Linux distro. I don’t have any issues with the operating system. As far as Linux distros go, it’s likely the easiest to use. Any time I say something about one distro instead of another, a war tends to break out. They can all agree, though, that Ubuntu is about as close as Linux has come to being mainstream thus far.

I run Ubuntu in a virtual machine. But quite honestly, everything I need to do is taken care of inside of OS X or Windows. The software available in Linux is good, yes. But it all boils down to personal preference. I don’t know that Linux will ever grow beyond where it is today.

As far as viability in the desktop market, I don’t know. It would take huge strides to replace Windows as the operating system of choice for most manufacturers. I don’t even know if the average person even cares what operating system they are using as long as their software works.

For embedded and lower-cost devices, I think Ubuntu (or similar distros) are the way to go. However, I just don’t feel it’s there yet for the desktop environment. What are your thoughts?

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Linux MPX Multi-Touch Table

The Linux MPX Multi-Touch table may not be as sexy as Microsoft’s Surface, but it does show the huge advancements being made in penguin-land. MPX (or Multi-Pointer X) is a modification of the X Windows Server that allows multiple input devices to be used at the same time. All you need to make it work is a normal computer, a keyboard and a mouse. This system will let multiple users work together on an application at the same time. The software is still under development, and the developer states that there are (of course) still bugs and kinks to be worked out. However, this video gives you an excellent insight as to what you can expect in the future.

Important to note: DiamondTouch is completely different that Microsoft TouchLight. Yet the end result is actually a better thing for all of us. DiamondTouch will recognize four different unique people. Surface allows multiple users to interact, but doesn’t recognize them (yet) as separate people. Therefore, the MPX is a large step ahead of Microsoft in this department.

Peter Hutterer, PhD Student Wearable Computers Lab at the University of South Australia and MPX developer, granted an interview with Gizmodo recently. Peter discussed the technology more in-depth and explained many of the features (and bugs) that exist.

This is definitely something to keep your eye on as development progresses. It will be interesting to watch how it evolves.

Shirts for the Linux Geek Inside of You!

Finally, we can grab some hard-core Linux shirts to wear… at the same time we’re donating to the cause! The Linux Foundation supports the development of the Linux Kernel financially, and they’ve come up with a new line of awesome shirts and other merchandise to help out.

According a release made public by the Foundation, merchandise available in the Linux store is “designed to reflect the unique and varied culture associated with Linux” and will support the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds. For example, shirts contain phrases like Free The Code, FSCK the Establishment and the ever-popular Fork You. All revenue generated from the store will go directly towards Linux Foundation.

To help celebrate the launch of the store, Linux is holding a shirt design contest! Submissions are due to the store site before April 11th, 2010. The top five will be put up for community vote on the Linux Foundation site through June 6th, 2010. The winning design will be featured on shirts available for sale in the store! In addition, the winning designer will receive travel to Boston to attend the LinuxCon conference in August!

If you’re a Linux Geek, make sure you check out what they have available, and show your support. If you’re a designer… get those thinking caps on!

Download Center

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Every so often, you may need to download something to make your computer or mobile device run better. There are millions of pieces of software and applications available for every operating system you can think of. To help you find the best deals on software of every type, we’ve created our new Downloads center! Every day, we feature the very best software – including games! – that we can find, at excellent prices!

I’ve been downloading and gathering together software since 1996. I admit it… I’m addicted to software! I always have been. On the downloads center, we even have free software available. If you want to download your favorite software at no cost to you, just choose the program you want, complete a simple offer, and download the full version of your chosen application!

There are several people on our team who are all monitoring this software to the best of their ability. They don’t allow any questionable content to be added and they haven’t let anything with malware in it slip by, either. If you ever come across something on the site you don’t feel is quite “right” in some way, please send me an email. We will look into it faster than immediately.

We post an aggregate every day on Geeks in the blog section. In that post, you’ll find the very newest programs we’ve come across, as well as some really excellent deals. I’m also doing my best to keep Twitter and Facebook updated with the hottest deals.

If you’re not interested in this service, that’s fine. If you are – check it out! I’m all ears, and want to hear your feedback. We can’t make the site better without your help!

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