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Cats vs. Dogs

There will always be an ongoing argument over whether dogs or cats make a better pet. Simply put, it will always depend on the person and their own tastes. There are, however, some differences that should be taken in to consideration when deciding between a furry feline and man’s best friend. Here are three points to help you decide where you fall in the eternal struggle of cats vs. dogs:

A dog is vertically challenged when it comes to reach. If you put something up on a kitchen counter, chances are most dogs (some breeds are an exception) will be unable to reach it and get it down. You don’t have to worry about them climbing your curtains and knocking things off the top of your refrigerator. Cats, on the other hand, are expert climbers and will often do everything and anything to find a spot that’s high and out of the way to relax. If you have a habit of putting fragile objects up on display, you should take caution not to put it anywhere your cat will be likely to roam around and potentially push it over the edge.

Dog hair comes in many different varieties. Some dogs have short hair that never grows past a certain point and sheds on a regular schedule while others can have thick, long hair that requires regular maintenance and grooming. Shedding can be a real problem with dogs, and in some cases your carpet can be coated in days. Cats are very much the same way, but let’s be honest here, cat hair gets everywhere even dog hair doesn’t. If you’ve owned a computer in a house with a fluffy feline, you’ve probably opened it from time to time to see what appears to be an extra cat hiding in and around the case fans.

Dogs require regular maintenance on their nails. They get long, thick, and make the most annoying clicking sound when they need clipping. Cats, on the other hand, can tuck their nails away and move around in stealthy silence. This is where the advantages to having a cat cease. Their claws are sharp, and they love to use them. Giving a cat a bath may be a life-threatening exercise, and shouldn’t be attempted by anyone without at least some form of body armor. Couches can be destroyed, carpets mangled, and don’t get me started on the damage that can be done to your sheets should your precious orange tabby decide to turn your bed in to its own personal nest.

LEGO Minifigures: Series 3

Since 1949, LEGO has been giving collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to design and create virtually anything they can imagine. This tradition continues with the LEGO Minifigures: Series 3. 16 unique minifigures make up this edition, expanding on the collection the first two series started. Their inspiration comes from movies, sports, history, and even regular everyday life.

The tennis player carries her racket with a confident smirk. She’s donned in a white tennis outfit with blue trim.

The Hula Dancer brings life to any party with her grass skirt and maracas.

The Space Alien has a big green head with bulging black eyes. His purple space suit matches the beam coming out of his ray gun. Rumor has it he wants to take over the world, but just hasn’t found the time to, yet.

The Samurai wields a massive katana, wears an impressive set of armor, and looks absolutely serious all the time. Under the armor, he’s wearing a maroon kimono.

The Sumo Wrestler is a real award winner. No, really, he has a trophy with him so all will know how impressive his skills in the ring really are. Even though this immovable object has a permanent frown, he is always happy to stop and sign autographs.

The Rapper comes complete with a giant boom box, microphone, and a matching cap. While he may not be the next Kevin Federline, he certainly looks the part.

The fisherman has caught a big fish, and it is nearly as long as impressive as his beard. He appears to be a jolly old fella with tons of stories to tell.

The Tribal Chief comes complete with a giant ceremonial headdress and a deadly looking spear.

The Snowboarder has her own snowboard and helmet, which matches a pretty fancy looking snowsuit.

The Elf, LEGOlas, is a master archer with arrows as pointy as their ears. Should an enemy get too close, though, his shield is on hand to protect him from danger.

The Race car Driver has a winning smile, and a protective helmet that doesn’t quite fit over his hair.

The Pilot comes with an aviator hat and goggles. He looks warm in his flight jacket.

The Baseball Player is in uniform and ready to play with bat in hand. The only question is, “Who are the Clutchers?”

The Mummy is all wrapped up in being one scary dude. His white wrappings appear to be covering up a terrible skin condition.

The Space Villain resembles a cross between a Borg and a pirate captain. His peg leg and phaser complete a package of pure evil that may rival even the fiercest of the Sith.

This brings us to the final LEGO Minifigure, Gorilla Suit Guy. He may be sweating it out inside a giant monkey costume, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate a good banana.

Lenovo Giveaway Winner Announced

Kelly announced she was giving away a Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e and two Lenovo ThinkVision monitors on YouTube. With the entry period over, Kelly and Chris announced the winner on the live stream over the weekend.

Congratulations to @talkativeradio for winning the Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e desktop computer and 2 ThinkVision L1951p monitors. Per the rules of the giveaway, Kelly selected his comment, a video reading of his original Kelly’s Poem, was the nicest comment out of almost 2,300 comments. The winning comment is embedded below. Congratulations, Andrew! Stay tuned for another giveaway soon!

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

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Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla drops in to tell you about the fastest way to share your favorite sites with your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instapaper accounts. Cortex is an app that easily pops up in Chrome with a mouse click and provides a simple colored wheel for instant sharing!

Once you sign up and connect your various social media accounts, find something that you want to share. Hold down your left mouse button over the file, page, photo or video until your cursor turns into a circle. Drag your mouse over the website you want t

I Got My Hands on Fable III

It’s here…

I Got My Hands on Fable III

Yes, it’s a legit copy – in my hands mere days before its official release. Review copies, FTW!

Fable III is the newest addition to the action-packed franchise that has sold more than six million copies. Old and new fans will now begin an epic journey – the race for the crown is only the beginning. Five decades have passed since the events laid out in Fable II and Albion has matured into an idustrial revolution. The fate of the entire kingdom is in danger.

In this newest version, you’ll be called upon to rally and fight with your people, sit in the seat of power and experience the true meaning of love and loss while defending your throne. During your quest for power, the choices you make will change the entire world around you… either for good or your own personal gain. Which way will you go? Will you end up being a “rebel without a cause, the tyrant you rebelled against, or the greatest ruler to ever live?”

According to many sources and early reviews, this game plays much more smoothly than its predecessor. However, the moral of the story is quite heavy, and many don’t seem to care for it. Apparently, you have to be a fan of lore and not just game play in order to truly enjoy this iteration.

Unlike any game that has come before, you actually have to get into the mindset of a ruler. The realities of monarchy are stressful and sometimes boring, so the crew behind this game’s creation is taking a large chance on its success. Fable III makes the stressful part very clear: a dollar amount is attached to your success – or failure – as the ruler. Your character will have to come up with specific amounts of money within a certain time period. If you don’t, you will suffer a consequence of some sort.

I’m very excited to have this advance copy. I may not be much of a gamer, but I promise I will give it my best shot!

Is Your Computer Part of a Botnet in the US?

During the first half of 2010, more than two million computers in the United States alone were found to be part of a botnet. Microsoft performed the research, which showed that Brazil had the second highest level of infections at 550,000. The country hit hardest is South Korea, where 14.6 out of every 1000 machines were found to be enrolled in botnets.

Cliff Evans is the head of security and identity in the UK. “Most people have this idea of a virus and how it used to announce itself,” he said. “Few people know about botnets.” Botnets start when a virus infects a computer, either through spam or an infected web page. The virus puts the Windows machine under the control of a botnet herder. “Once they have control of the machine they have the potential to put any kind of malicious code on there,” said Mr Evans. “It becomes a distributed computing resource they then sell on to others.”

The stats for the report were gathered from more than 600 million machines which are enrolled in Microsoft’s various update services or use its Essentials and Defender security packages. The conclusions of the report show that people need to be much more vigilant. You have to keep yourself well protected against threats of any kind. Even though they’re a pain, you need to apply your Windows updates when they become available, keep programs updated (such as Java) and make sure that you understand security basics.