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Which Old Game Would You Bring Back?

AirWolf asked:

What PC game of old would you like to bring back from the grave, give a fresh start and re-release (or just be able to play!) – and why?

Oh, man… you just can’t replace the classics!

If I could do anything, I wouldn’t reboot or update a favorite game – but bring it back to its last “best” state.

I think a good game plays well forever, and that (too often) newer versions can destroy what made a game work so well for you in an earlier edition.

So, I just found out about JummMan Forever the other day – and I’m thrilled that it’s a project that’s actively shipping code to platforms (with more major platforms coming). I loved Jumpman Jr. on the Commodore 64, and have played it through emulators over the years.

The developer is doing a great job at bringing back what he loved, but while I appreciate some updated graphics coming down the pike… I wouldn’t mind seeing and playing with the “old graphics” either.

I am so grateful I was around for the classic home video games – because I think they’re all timeless. Not all simple, not all perfect, but they obviously worked well enough that I’m still playing a few of them to this day.

Which Old Game Would You Bring Back?

What Type of Games Should Kids Learn to Play?

Patron George Barrett is interested in kids and their early gaming years. You, too, can become a Patron and receive priority answers to your questions!

When you introduce your child to gaming, will you show him/her the classic games from the NES era, or let him/her discover them for his/herself if it develops as a personal interest whilst playing the current games?

This is actually an easy one to answer, George. I’m sure that at a very early age, Baby Pirillo will start being introduced to educational games. There are so many great ones out there that teach little ones everything from hand-eye coordination to counting to reading and back again.

Once s/he is old enough, our child will be allowed to choose their own path with most everything in life… including gaming. That’s not to say Diana and I won’t provide guidance, of course. It’s not like the child will be given free reign to do things that are simply not appropriate. But I would never “force” my child into doing things that I prefer instead of what they would choose.

Yes, of course I’ll show off the old-style games. I’ll also help him or her check out the latest MMORPG or FPS (at the right age) if that’s what they’re into. Heck… maybe the kid won’t be into games at all. Instead — Lord help me — my child could be a huge sports fanatic like my Dad and brothers. Maybe s/he will prefer to play instruments, or plant a garden with Mommy or want to cure cancer.

Whatever our child is interested in — be it games or sports or music — we will do our level best to nurture that passion and help it to grow.

What about all of you? How would you answer this question?

What Type of Games Should Kids Learn to Play?

Is Gaming Getting More Exciting?

George Barrett asked:

As you are a casual gamer, do you think the gaming industry was more exciting/interesting 15-20 years ago than it is now?

My perspective on this topic will likely be a LOT different than a hard-core gamer would have. Personally, I do think that gaming was more exciting back in the day. Think about it: the rapid pace of advancement back then was astounding. What has happened recently in the gaming world that had that level of excitement and a huge WOW factor due to how groundbreaking it was? Go ahead and think on that… I’ll wait…

Yes, graphics get incrementally better. A storyline for a hot new game may be great… but is it fresh and exciting and DIFFERENT? The style of game play changed so drastically very quickly back in the good old days, you know?

What do all of YOU think about this?

Is Gaming Getting More Exciting?

How Does Net Neutrality Affect Gamers?

Huang Weihong asked:

With Net Neutrality being thrown out of the window, will online gamers and heavy Web users suffer in terms of service (and even monetarily)?

It’s quite possible, but… that’s why I’m an advocate for competition in the marketplace.

Who knows? Maybe a “new Internet” will rise up and kill off what we have today?

This is definitely a great topic for debate. What do all of you think?

How Does Net Neutrality Affect Gamers?