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Download Stellarium

I can’t remember how I discovered this one today (could’ve been a random search). Regardless, this software is simply amazing – and cross-platform, to boot. It’s the best desktop “night sky” client in the galaxy – and in my opinion, beats the pants off of Starry Night:

Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.

Ponzi and I went to a plane…arium a couple of months ago. Even it wasn’t half as nice as Stellarium. This is exactly what I’ve always wanted – and it’s open source software!!! I can’t wait to try this on my laptop outside. The illustrations of the constellations are priceless. I dare you to find a better night sky viewer for any platform. I double-dog dare you!

Satan is a Dork

I was going through my spam folder, and this headline caught my eye. I was then compelled to draw it on my Wacom tablet (which doesn’t get much use around here). Consider this my homage to “Satan is a Dork” inspired this pencil sketch:

Satan is a Dork

I have no idea if the Devil really is a dork, but if he was a dork – this is probably what he’d look like. I hope I don’t offend any devil worshipers out there by doing this. The devil-worshipping demographic is highly prized, after all. Have you hugged your devil worshipper today? I wouldn’t recommend doing so, anyway. Here’s to hoping I never get inspired by any other spam subject line. I won’t quit my day job, and I promise not to doodle anything else again without first getting my mother’s permission. She’s a devil worshipper, ya know?

Ponzi's Garbage Pail Kids

Ponzi’s going to be a Garbage Pail Kid!!! Yes, you all know my fascination with Garbage Pail Kids (even though I’m still mising Bonus Card B5, COLE Gate). A few weeks ago, I emailed Luis Diaz with a small request: that he create a GPK incorporating Ponzi’s two names (well, “Ponzi” is just her nickname – with Latthanapon being her birth name). You see, as I was going through ANS5, she lamented that they never have any GPKs with her name on them. I thought: “Let me see if I can commission an artist to surprise her.” Sure enough, Luis will create a GPK just for you (different options at different prices). He whipped up this sketch:

Pencil Sketch - Ponzi GPK - Garbage Pail Kid - Piercing PONZI and Lust-Upon LATTHANAPON

This will be made into two separate cards: Piercing PONZI and Lust-Upon LATTHANAPON. And today, did a series of watercolors for us to choose from (yes, I couldn’t hold the surprise back when the original pencil GPK sketch came in). We picked the upper far right and the lower far left – which will be arriving in traditional Garbage Pail Kids sticker dimensions soon enough. This is just too cool:

Final Watercolor Copy - Ponzi GPK - Garbage Pail Kid - Piercing PONZI and Lust-Upon LATTHANAPON

These cards will be priceless! I may ask him to go back and render a full-color version of one of ’em to make it look like a genuine GPK. Maybe I’ll just commission another one? What about… WINER Diner, Noble SCOBLE, KEVIN Rosey, Scary ARRINGTON, RUBEL Yell, Tin CANTER, PIRILLO Armadillo, Messy MESSINA, or PONZI Screams? Those would be perfect giveaways at Gnomedex.

Dave Inchy Code?

I keep hearing things about this guy: Dave Inchy. Apparently, he wrote a code or something? Makes no sense to me. They wrote a book about it (a best-seller), and everybody’s talking about the new movie starring Tom Hanks – but I can’t seem to find the listings for “Dave Inchy Code,” and it’s really starting to frustrate me. Does Tom Hanks play Dave Inchy? A quick search for this Dave character doesn’t really explain anything, either. Mr. Inchy, if you happen to be reading this post, do you mind telling me who you are and why you wrote this alleged code? Are you a programmer? Did you invent the Pig Latin code? Perhaps.

In all seriousness, we saw the DaVinci Code the other night. Came in at the last minute and were lucky to find seating only three inches away from the screen. “Lucky” is relative, I guess. The reviews for this film have been mixed, but I (for one) rather enjoyed it. Then again, I’m into symbology, Grail lore, the Knights Templar / Priory of Scion legends, alternative histories, etc. I almost wish it was true – and in some ways, believe it more than what the world has told me to believe.

Desperate Housewives Game from Buena Vista

Wandering around the E3 show floor one new game stuck out like a sore thumb – Desperate Housewives. It’s not like we’re fans of the ladies of Wisteria Lane and we certainly wouldn’t admit it here, but the idea of a game based on the most popular nighttime soap since Dallas seems a little on likely. On closer inspection, the game feels a bit like a SIMS title, with you playing a new arrival on…

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Airplane Safety Instructional Video

Airplane safety is no laughing matter, especially when you’re sitting next to a passenger who smells like he just got out of a tennis game and forgot to shower. Before taking your assigned seat, you should first look for all emergency exits and restrooms (noting that the closest ones may be behind you, and first class asses are better than your class asses). In the event of a water landing, please hold your breath as long as possible. Note that your seat cushion may be used as a makeshift club to knock out the people standing in front of you waiting to jump out of the flaming wreckage. Our pilot is underpaid, our flight attendents are underpaid, and the ground crew is made up of illegal aliens more people who are underpaid. Thank you for flying Generic Air – where our concern is none of your concern. We know you had no choice in choosing this airline, but thanks anyway.
Please watch this airplane safety instructional video: