How to Fake Being a Hacker

Have you ever felt envious of your hacker friends? While they’re off making their fortunes, you’re watching The Matrix for the millionth time dreaming of a day when you can use your code to unlock the secrets of the world. Well, I can’t tell you how to become a master hacker. I can, however, give you three tips that will help you fake being a hacker…

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Where Would You Freeze Time?

Patron John Whittaker is curious about moments in time. You, too, can become a Patron and receive priority answers to your questions!

If you could free time for one hour, what sort of mischief would you get up to? Also, if you could freeze an hour or day of time from your past, at what point would you freeze it – and why?

I’m going to sound like a fuddy-duddy, but I’d freeze time right now and give me an extra hour to get work done. No, seriously – I’m tired, and it’s 11:24pm on a Sunday evening. I’m pushing through answering questions. Am I getting old?!

If I were to freeze an hour in my past, it’d probably be one of the first times I was ever in Hawaii – but not for reasons I’d care to get into right now.

What about everyone else? Where would you freeze time from your past, and what would you do if you could freeze time right now for an hour?

Where Would You Freeze Time?

Have You Met Anyone Famous?

Patron Johannes is curious about famous people! You, too, can become a Patron and receive priority answers to your questions!

Who is the most famous person you have met/seen/talked to?

I’ve actually been fortunate to meet several. However, I’d have to say “Weird Al” Yankovic – only because he truly remembers me, and that makes all the difference!

What about all of you? Have you met anyone famous? If so… who was it, and how did you meet?