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Is Online Education Any Good?

Madison is curious about her education options:

Are online classes and degrees just as good as a traditional classroom setting?

It really depends on the school and the person. There are many excellent online programs from reputable schools. When looking for one, do your research and be sure they’re accredited and have good feedback from others.

As far as you – there are many people who have thrived in online classes. You have to be intelligent, of course, and easily able to grasp the content without the benefit of one-on-one instruction.

You also have to be highly disciplined in order to make yourself study and complete assignments when you should. With online classes, students have a lot of temptation to blow off what they should be doing for classwork to do any number of other things, either around the house or out in the world.

Make a decision as to whether you feel YOU are prepared for the challenges of online classes. If you are convinced you are, then look for a reputable school that has the program you’re looking for. Good luck!

Is Online Education Any Good?

How Do You Study?

Blake asked:

My preliminary exams are coming up soon and l need some tips studying. At the moment I’m just reading over my notes and reading text books that are revelent to my subjects. What more can I do?

There are several different things you can do to study. One idea is to take notes of the things you think are most important on note cards. On one side, write a question about the subject and the other side holds the answer. When you’ve written them all, lay them question side up on a table, pick one and try to answer it.

Some people find it helpful to make notes and/or outlines as they read through a chapter. Others feel it is important to quiz themselves on vocabulary words. There are many different methods. Most important is to find the one that works for you.

What about all of you? How do YOU study for exams? Give Blake your best tips!

How Do You Study?

How Can You Appeal a Denied College Application?

Gamer1025 writes:

I have applied to a college and I was denied because of my GPA of 2.0. I have emailed the school, stating that I really want to go there and I asked what I could do to get in. I was told that I can write an appeal letter, stating reasons why I want to go to that school and what my future goals would be. How can I write an appeal letter that is good? Do you think it’s even worth trying to appeal?

It’s definitely possible to change their minds, providing you take the time to write a great appeal letter. Obviously, you’ll want to practice good PUGS. More important, though, don’t focus overly on your high school GPA. Instead, play up the reasons you know you can make a college career work.

Why do you want to go to this particular school? Be real, and let your passion for attending shine through. What do you hope to accomplish? How will you ensure that you don’t just barely pass again? What will you change about your study habits in order to help yourself be successful? The college will want answers to things such as this. It’ll be most focused on how you plan to make this work for you; why should the school take a chance on you?

If the college still doesn’t accept you due to your low GPA, you could always attend a community college for two years. Work hard, study hard, and then reapply to your four-year school of choice. If you do well at that level, your HS GPA won’t really matter anymore.

Good luck!

How Can You Appeal a Denied College Application?

Would You Change Careers or Majors if You Could?

Reece Langham asked:

If you were to go to university or college now, what would you study? What would your student life be like and what tips would you give to yourself and fellow students?

I honestly don’t know.

And, to tell you the truth, I didn’t know even when I was in college back in the day when the Internet was first spinning up.

I might have gone into something that would allow me to cherry pick classes from different disciplines – and I would have opted to find classes that were taught by well respected educators.

My student life would probably be just as studious, but I’d be looking to align myself with an apprenticeship in an area I felt I was strongest in.

Quite honestly, I’m so far removed from outmoded constructs of what a “major” is… I don’t even know what I’d be best suited for today, or how I would have learned in the classroom what I’ve learned independent of the classroom.

Tips? If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Don’t leave people hanging, and don’t lie to yourself. Discipline and honesty are lifelong skills which will rarely (if ever) let you down.

Would You Change Careers or Majors if You Could?

Should Programming Be Taught in Schools?

Oliver Earl asks:

Do you encourage schemes to get kids into programming at school? Do you think it should be taught as part of IT curricula at school?

While I think it’s a great idea to encourage kids to learn to program, I don’t believe it should be required. Let’s face it: the number of jobs out there in the world which would require this particular skill set is relatively small. You can argue that those jobs are growing in number, and you’d be correct. However, I just feel that this should be offered as an elective. Leave the required classes to the basics our country is so desperately in need of: Reading. Writing. Math. Science.

What Did You Learn from Your First Job?

Bryan Helmle asked:

What was your first “real” job that you had, and what is the most important thing you learned from it?

I don’t know how you choose to define “real,” but I’ve always taken my assigned tasks seriously. Even if I was ever a small link in the chain, I always felt my role was essential for the operation of any endeavor.

The amalgamation of experiences, from first to last, has only reinforced my belief that I can take direction… but ultimately need to be the one to drive my own career.

I used to sell old stuff out of a wagon to kids around my neighborhood… and that was every bit a job as my first official paycheck. Just a different kind of job. Heck, I’ve even been known to rent my chest out on occasion!

What did each of my jobs teach me along the way? Responsibility and resoluteness.

What Should I Major In?

Israel Carter asked:

I’m a senior in high school trying to decide what I should major in, computer engineering or software programming. Any advice?

Thanks for asking for advice from the community, Israel! While I cannot possibly tell you what you “should” major in, I do have a couple of thoughts. First of all, have you talked with a career counselor at your high school or college about this? She or he will be able to give you some insight as to what the potential job market and field growth looks like right now. They will also likely point you towards the Myers-Briggs Assessment guide. I definitely think you should check into taking this assessment!

Most importantly, though: which do YOU prefer? Are you happier doing one than the other? Do you have any skills related to either field at this point, or will this all be new to you? These are some things you should be thinking about.

Remember: it’s not only about making money. You need to be passionate about what you’re doing and enjoy it every day. If you love what you do, you’ll never actually “work” again.

You could – of course – simply pray for everyone and their dog to tell you exactly what you “should” do, instead of choosing for yourself. 😉