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Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Christmas is but a few weeks away? I was aghast yesterday when I walked into a store that was playing Christmas carols… until I realized what the date was. Holy crap where did the year go? I haven’t even started to think about holiday shopping yet, never mind actually DOING any shopping.

After I had my little panic attack, I sat down to check out what was going on around out community. Low and behold… people are talking about the upcoming festivities. They’re figuring out what to cook with their turkeys, and what the hottest new gifts are for this year. Geez I’m way behind, aren’t I?

I was happy as hell to see that the holidays aren’t the only thing that people are chattering about. Thankfully, I found many interesting and informative blogs and threads on a huge variety of topics to keep me busy… and to get my mind back OFF of the holiday season. I’m just not ready quite yet!

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Vipre Protects Your Computer From Malware

There used to be the belief that if one stays away from “bad” Web sites, then malware is not a problem. That is not true, as a recent example with the New York Times illustrated. The popular news Web site was compromised, and the trusted site was serving up malicious ads:

The malicious ad took over the browsers of many people visiting the site, as their screens filled with an image that seemed to show a scan for computer viruses. The visitors were then told that they needed to buy antivirus software to fix a problem, but the software was more snake oil than a useful program.

Exploiting weaknesses in online ad systems is an increasingly common approach for computer criminals around the globe who hope to make a quick buck from the audiences of the sites they attack. Experts say the problem is likely to get worse as companies scramble to satiate a click-happy online culture.”

This is just one way in which criminals / hackers are becoming exceedingly creative in exploiting site visitors. No reputable software company would market products in this manner, but the criminals are relying on the trust that people have in the site.

There have been malware installations without the site visitors having to do anything. These are the so called ‘drive-by’ downloads, and just visiting the site puts one at risk. No click – or download – is necessary.

It is absolutely essential to be running an anti-virus and anti-spyware program. One of our recommendations is VIPRE from Sunbelt Software. It is effective without draining your computer of resources. VIPRE’s memory footprint is very small, and this has brought a lot of memory back to otherwise bogged-down machines.

Sunbelt Software is offering our readers a 20% saving on VIPRE. This offer is good until November 18, 2009.

VIPRE works with “Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista+ (All flavors) 32 and 64-bit, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3 (Home, Pro, Media Center, Tablet) 32 and 64-bit and Windows 2000 SP4 RollUp 1.” And yes, it works with Windows 7, too.

The Sunbelt people are making a generous offer to protect all the computers in your home. It is a “home site license” which allows using the program on more than one computer. There is a discount for this “home site license,” and it’s just a huge saving for our readers.

We have worked with the people at Sunbelt for years. They work diligently to keep up with what is happening with computer security. It is a ‘cat-and-mouse’ game where criminals are trying to exploit people in creative and innovative ways. The people at Sunbelt keep up with what is happening and this is reflected in their security product. Many Gnomies use this program… and we recommend it.

Identity Theft Protection

There are items in the news every day about identity theft. The obvious consequence is an unexpected financial disaster. However, it can be worse. There can be crimes committed under a stolen identity and warrants issued for the person who has had his/her identity used. And yet, it can be worse.

Identity theft can be a matter of health and well being. Along with identity theft being a rapidly expanding crime, stolen medical services are increasing. That means that someone uses a stolen identity to obtain medical care. Besides the obvious financial consequences, it can be deadly to the person who has had his/her identity used.

Once a identity is used for medical services, there will be an electronic record. The modern day goal is to have that medical record available to any physician who is treating that person. That means national access. Imagine the health consequences if the electronic medical records are wrong because someone has stolen and used an identity. The consequences can be disastrous.

A common means of identity theft is through your computer and through your passwords. A breach of your password (or passwords) just creates a myriad of problems. To maintain the security of passwords for our readers, Identity Protector with Password Manager from Large Software is recommended.

Wait. Before you say that you don’t need any password manager, here is one of the reasons why we are recommending this program. For the sake of an example, there are some websites that you might visit regularly. Let’s use PayPal. Imagine the damage that an identity thief can do with your PayPal data.
You think that you are careful and savvy but the hackers / criminals who spoof websites such as PayPal are experts at what they do. And regardless of how careful you are, there are times when you are rushed or tired or distracted. Identity thieves bank on these lapses. And some of the phishing websites are identical to the genuine sites. At a quick glance, it becomes impossible to tell the difference from spoofed sites and the genuine sites. Gone are the days of sloppy coding and spelling errors.

What an excellent password manager should do is protect you from phishing sites. The password manager should NOT release your personal data if the site is not legitimate and has been spoofed.

Identity Protector with Password Manager from Large Software does just that. It secures your logins, hides your keystrokes and encrypts your passwords. Password Manager protects your identity and is a significant extra layer of security from phishing attempts. It is a guard from identity theft.

Large Software is giving our visitors a special offer. Until November 4, 2009, Large Software is offering a ten dollar ($10.00) discount on Identity Protector with Password Manager. This is a third off of their regular price and an exceptional price for this outstanding security product.

Password Manager operates with ALL programs and web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox…. With the security issues with browsers, it is simply too risky to allow a browser to hold your confidential password information. Phishing, spoofing and other identity theft methods are becoming much more sophisticated in separating you from your password information. Protect yourself.

At this point, you might say that identity theft isn’t going to happen to you. The recent data from Australia says one in five people are identity theft victims. And don’t say that you are not worried about this because you have no money to steal. You have a reputation. And you have a health record to protect.

Wine Coupons & Review of 2008 Mollydooker, The Boxer Shiraz

Maura DesimoneMaura Desimone has launched a new blog: My Wine Quest. Here is one of her first reviews…

Mollydooker the boxer

2008 Mollydooker, The Boxer Shiraz

Awarded 91 points by Wine Spectator

I had this fabulous wine at Jak’s Grill in Seattle. They were offering it as a special. It had a big, bold fruity start, then a great spicy taste. I was surprised it didn’t linger a bit longer, the finish was a bit abrupt. All in all, I liked it so much I had to find out more about it. I love the flavor & the price. It’s going on my list of keepers.

Here’s what’s in it: Australian Shiraz. Combining the regional flavours of grapes from McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek and Padthaway.

$26/bottle retail

I’m rating it an 8!

You can purchase 2008 Mollydooker, The Boxer Shiraz at and don’t forget to use these coupons to save some money.


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Make Your Life Easier When Working With Text

If you are working with text material frequently on the computer, you really should consider a text editing program. One that we recommend is created by a long-time supporter of Lockergnome. It is an award-winning software program from Eric Fookes called NoteTab. This program has won numerous awards and it is recognized as one of the very best text and HTML editors available.

We are very careful to put programs that we recommend through a vigorous assessment process. We use it and have people with varying skill levels evaluate it for us. The assessment process for Eric’s program goes far beyond the normal review process. There are Gnomies we know who use this program every day for all their text editing – and they have used NoteTab for years. One long-time NoteTab fan likes using the multiple text document feature. Think of it as a text editor with a tabbed browsing feature. People are truly loyal to this program, and they would not be without their NoteTab.

Perhaps you have not been exposed to a great text editing program. You need a text editor because it is essential for organizing your work and, at the very elementary level, it saves you time. This probably has happened to you: on some email correspondence or blog comment, you spend time composing and putting down your thoughts in exactly the way that you want. You hit “send” or “post” and something (or nothing) happens. The browser tries to work… and then there is an error. All that work is gonelost! If you use a text editor, all you would do is go back to the text editor and copy your work again. Then you can try to paste it in the email or blog a second time – without having to rethink and redo the whole process again. A good text editor makes it easy to save all that work.

For the students out there, this will help you organize your term papers, lecture notes, and library research. This will help in pulling material together in an easy, simple, efficient manner. You know that even after a month of school, the material is becoming overwhelming. And if you are not the most organized person with your text material, this definitely will help.

There are really too many features to this program to mention adequately. It really is one of the best text and HTML editors available.

Eric is allowing our readers a special, time-limited discount on his programs:

This offer expires on October 14, 2009. NoteTab can be used on all Windows versions, as well as OS X / Linux in conjunction with Wine.

If you are doing text work, your editor should really be a tool that makes your work as easy as possible. NoteTab does that and you will find that it is the program that you will want to have when doing any writing.

Do Your Research – on Every Topic

Earlier tonight, I put up a blog post discussing the possible trouble you can run into by using generic ink cartridges. Just a few days ago, I talked in another post about what a great deal they can be – for some people. This is why I always caution you to do your research. Not every deal is going to be a good one for every person. Not every brand will work for you. What is “awesome” for one person, may very well be a disaster for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying print cartridges, a new television or computer, or even whether you’re in the market for a new house. Do your research. Find out what others are saying. Know what the strengths and weaknesses are of whatever it is you’re looking at purchasing or investing in. Don’t buy something only because so-and-so told you that you should, even if that so-and-so was me. Buy whatever is going to fit your needs – and your budget – the best.

One great way to find out what is good, and what is not so good, is to read what people are saying on Lockergnome and Geeks.

If you’re in the market for new software of any type – mobile platforms included – be sure to keep an eye on the deals and discounts we pass on to you every day!

Protect Your Inbox From Spam at Half the Price

At this time of year, some of our readers who are back to university and colleges have set up new email accounts. Some educational institutions require this in order to broadcast messages to its students. Unfortunately, this is just another avenue that hackers / criminals can use to access the computer. Spam is not only annoying and a waste – it is dangerous.

The spam can carry malware. The intent may be identity theft. It may be a phishing attempt. It could also be a means of turning the computer into one of machines in a bot network. And there can be even spam attacks targeted at a specific person. Sometimes, these personalized attacks are called “spear phishing.” Students are prime targets because they usually do not have large debts like mortgages and generally do not have criminal records.

Over eight million people protect themselves from spam and malware dangers with MailWasher Pro. That number of people grows daily. It is simply one of the best ways available for handling spam. One of our security reviewers has used this product daily for almost a decade, so the recommendation for MailWasher Pro comes from years of experience with this legendary program. We know it well.
MailWasher Pro is effective and it is easy to use:

Apart from being the most effective software to fight spam, you’ll find that MailWasher is probably the easiest anti-spam software to use. We took the view that if we can’t understand how to use a piece of software in under 5 minutes then it’s probably always going to be hard to use. Why try and learn a whole lot of new icons and procedures? You want a program with a minimal learning curve, is easy to use and looks attractive.

One of the ways that spam is handled is by means of filters. The problem is that sometimes a filter screens out legitimate email. And sometimes spam bypasses the filters. One of the great features of MailWasher Pro is that it allows the user to preview the email prior to downloading onto the computer. With a brief glance, you will be able to tell what is legitimate email and what is junk. And you do this while the email is not on your computer.

That is one of the great features of MailWasher Pro – you will be screening your email before you download it onto your computer. Consider this as viewing the mail at the server level instead of handling it while it is on your machine. That is an added level of security. You decide which email accesses your computer.

Making the decision when the email is on your computer is simply dangerous. For example, as a student, you might be tired or rushed. You may be preoccupied with other things. An error with malware mail leads to a load of problems. MailWasher Pro allows you to make the decision at the server level – while the email is away from your machine. It is an effective, easy and brilliant way of handling the spam problem. MailWasher Pro works with Windows and is effective for POP3, IMAP, AOL, GMail, Yahoo!, and Hotmail.

Stop just downloading your email to Outlook or Outlook Express. Preview it first!

Now, our readers have a fifty percent discount when buying MailWasher Pro. It is a generous, limited time offer. The MailWasher Pro people know that, at this time of year, a student’s bank account is stressed with books and other expenses. This offer of MailWasher Pro at half price makes it very affordable. Use the coupon code: lockerg.

This remarkable offer expires on September 30th, 2009. (Contact us if you want this program in high volume. We’ll see if we can help.)

And one final point… MailWasher Pro has an active support system. It has a live technical support system, as well as a forum. We have been following the development of this program for many years. The founder is a friend of this site and runs a first class operation. There are continual improvements on this excellent program. You will consider MailWasher Pro a “must-have” for every computer you own.

The Whole World Should be Silky Smooth

Yes, I admit it. When I began this blog post, I had the words from the movie Don’t Mess with the Zohan running through my head. In the movie, Adam Sandler’s character, Zohan, wants to become a hairdresser in America… giving up his “real” job as some kind of terrorist hunter. He is tired of killing and fighting, and just wants to help people feel good about themselves – and have their hair feel silky smooth. While this may seem idiotic for a Geeky type of blog, I assure you I’m going somewhere with it!

Think outside the words a moment, if you will. Saying the whole world should be silky smooth can be just another way of saying you would like to see the world be a happier place. There’s so much war, death and destruction going on. We have millions of people around the world without homes, without jobs, and without food. Our economy is in the toilet. People hate each other simply for the way someone looks. Why wouldn’t I wish for the world to be “silky smooth”? Don’t you wish for that? Aren’t you more than ready to have a little more peace in our lives, and maybe a little less stress? What are some small ways that you find peace, quiet and relaxation throughout your busy day?

One thing I like to do is a little something I’ve discussed with you many times before: I love to spend time reading what’s going on in our community. Sure, I read about world and national news. Heck, I’ve even been known to turn on my local news on the television. But I just get a real sense of peace, community and satisfaction reading what all of you are up to… your thoughts, your pet peeves, your happy moments. I like to stretch my mind by thinking of things in ways I may not have before, by looking into the way you see them. Keep on posting, everyone! And, make sure you take time to check out what others are doing.

Another thing I wanted to talk to you about today is our Downloads site. We have some great people working on it, bringing you the hottest programs out there (the best deals we can find). Bookmark the site and check back often. You don’t want to miss out on the newest offers! Here are today’s software updates.

Whatever you do with your days, make sure you take some time to yourself. Relax and unwind, even if it’s only for five minutes. You’ll thank me later.

Grow Your Business Using GoToAssist Express

I’ve talked several times about GoToAssist Express. We’ve even done several videos in the past months where we featured the product. However, I realized today that I’ve not sat down and written a post about this excellent piece of software from my own point of view.

If you are a tech or small business owner, you know that your time is valuable. Sure, you charge your customers when you make “house calls.” However, it costs you time and money to get in your car and drive to their place. If you were to use GoToAssist, you wouldn’t have to spend that money, thus beefing up your bottom line. You won’t have gas expense. You won’t have to grab lunch or dinner on the road. You won’t have to spend time traveling… allowing you to help more customers in a day. Simply install GoToAssist Express, and have your customer do the same. You can then connect right to their machine from your home or office, and do the things you need to do.

Install updates to their machines and software. Diagnose problems using the comprehensive reports that GoToAssist gives you. Save yourself a whole lot of time, headaches and money by using a piece of software that will pay for itself in a matter of days. It’s simple to use, and a very powerful tool to have.

Still not sure? Try it yourself for free for 30 days, and I’m willing to bet your tune will change. I use this software regularly, and I have a feeling you would, as well.

Know When Something is Being Installed on Your Machine

The number of malware sites are increasing. IBM has reported an increased sophistication with attempts to infect computers. The frightening thing is that some malware is being pushed unknowingly by legitimate sites.

This is a danger to all computer users. However, there is one segment of our readers who are going back to school in a few days and increasing their downloading. As students, these computer users will be downloading for school work and for their own entertainment. You have to know that the downloading puts you at risk. Even visiting some seemingly innocent sites can put you at risk.

It is absolutely not true that if you stay away from so called “bad” sites that you can escape the dangers of malware. Even a file transfer from a friend or classmate could infect your machine. With the expertise and sophistication of today’s criminals, any site can be compromised and turned into a site that delivers malware. This may be a site that you use for school work. Just recently, on June 1, 2009, Ryan Naraine reported that 20,000 sites were “hit with drive-by attack code.”

A drive-by attack means that you don’t have to click anything and malware junk will find its way onto your computer. This garbage will install on your machine without asking for your permission. Then your computer is infected.

Your computer needs a constant watchdog. This is the concept of WinPatrol – and “Scotty” is the watchdog. WinPatrol runs in the background and the watchdog Scotty will give an alert when there are any changes attempted on your machine. Scotty will alert you if you are installing any program. This may be an annoyance, but it is minor. It shows that WinPatrol is doing its job. It will save so much trouble when there is a rogue program trying to install itself on your computer.

WinPatrol is easy on the computer resources and it is on many people’s “must have” list. This is a program that has an excellent history – and countless recommendations over the years. We are recommending this for every student. You must know if some rogue program is trying to install itself on your machine. And WinPatrol will tell you.

WinPatrol has been available for over ten years, thanks to the work of Bill Pytlovany. The improvement functions packed into this program will surprise you.

For the Lockergnome / Chris Pirillo readers, we have an exceptional offer. Until September 5, 2009, we have a ten-dollars-off ($10.00) savings from WinPatrol. We have tried to make this super-affordable to students. We know this is a rough time financially and hopefully this make it an affordable security program for you. Use coupon code: Gnomes when ordering!

Effective for any version of Windows – including Windows 7.

This is a security program that is recommended without any reservation. The people who use this program have nothing but good things to say about it. Bill Pytlovany is an trusted name in computer security. He is a recognized MVP by Microsoft – and he stands behind this product. If there is even a hint of a problem, let us know. We stay in touch with Bill. If you are a business and want this to secure all your desktop and laptop machine, let us know and we will see if Bill can help you.