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Why iOS 7 Has Been a Disappointment to Me

Why iOS 7 Has Been a Disappointment to MeAs the headline indicates, this isn’t about you — and it’s definitely not about another OS or company.

When I see a problem, my first instinct is to try to address it (whether that’s a guy thing or a geek proclivity, I’m not sure). Unfortunately, however, I can’t fix what I perceive to be a landslide of sloppiness abound in iOS 7. Issues were bound to crop up with such a massive revision in UI ethos (and some UX) — this isn’t about any particular iOS 7 hiccup but the sum of its parts.

Mind you, I was not one who claimed that Apple needed to change anything with iOS — and, certainly, not change it for the sake of change. Seems that while Apple’s intentions were good, its execution was haphazard in too many spots for me to feel comfortable claiming that this was a step in a better direction. I’m not going to detail everything for you in this post — if only because they’ve been documented well enough elsewhere [again, SloppyUI].

I’ve learned that being critical (where it counts) has kept it “real” for me, and also allowed me the greater flexibility to try new things — especially when I’m feeling too comfortable. People are always welcome to draw their own conclusions after using something — nobody is denying them a perspective. So, for those who say I need to ease up on Apple, I say you need to lean into ’em more to fulfill their promise of excellence.

Or, think about it this way: if I didn’t bother to point out these problems, what does that say about my integrity if *I* see them and try to sweep them under the rug? Or, worse yet, what does that say about other “tech pundits” who have not bothered to surface their own issues (if they see fault)? I’d just as soon put something out there than keep it to myself and run the risk of being labeled the very thing I’ve been labeled for years (but never have been).

The problem with filing a bug report based on an emotional, visceral reaction is that… you can’t.

I, along with others, have empirical evidence to illustrate that Apple — known for its design prowess — didn’t let iOS 7 fully bake before releasing it into the wild. Whether or not others perceive these visual shortcomings and hiccups is irrelevant; they exist, and several hundred oddball screen captures have been floating about the web since the OS hit the world’s mobile Apple devices a few weeks ago.

Inconsistencies should not exist in Apple’s products — certainly, not within a bold OS UI/UX refresh. Margins and padding and spacing and sizing are all over the map (even with parallax features toggled off). It’s an insult to to the “perfection” of Apple’s hardware.

I see it myself — and it’s been disconcerting. One or two oversights in any new OS revision is expected — but I still remain on record that Apple rushed iOS 7 to market to get something new out and move units.

Will bugs be squished? Of course they will! But when? How many? Does Apple see what we see? Will the bug reports fall into a virtual wastebasket? You don’t know the company is going to fix these oversights — unless you work for Apple and are directly responsible for them. Even then, the world won’t know until those changes are upon us. But what about the inconsistencies?

From any other company, I might accept this kind of execution. But from Apple? There’s a reason I turned to it several years back, and it wasn’t because it would have pumped out something like iOS 7.

I believe Apple sacrificed the one thing that held it above others — and (I’m telling you) others are gaining ground on the design and experience front by leaps and bounds. The one last thing that made Apple Apple… is showing cracks that may not be patched soon enough.

I’m sad, disappointed, and concerned.