The 24/7 Live Chat Room is Back

Hello, My Gnomies!

As many of you know, I started up my account on Twitch last week in an effort to better engage our community on another front. With it has come a side benefit of becoming a partner and being able to offer subscriptions and bonuses to anybody who cares to take advantage of the ongoing offer.

You see, my Twitch profile has a web-based chat room that is also fully accessible by way of IRC – and THAT means some form of live text chat with me is back (if you remember the way it used to be long ago). That’s a 24/7 live text chat, even if I’m not there 24/7. My old chat room regulars are still quite amazing people, and I wish that my personal life didn’t interfere with my ability to keep going with it years ago; I couldn’t support it half as well as it always supported me.

While Twitch chat is currently for any Twitch “follower,” I will likely lock it down to just my Twitch “subscribers” at some point. Anybody can “follow” on Twitch for free, but to get “sub” bonuses on Twitch, you have to “subscribe” at $4.99 a month. It’s their wording, not mine. You probably already sub to someone on Twitch, anyway.

All I want to do is interact with y’all, and it seems that chat on Twitch is going to be the best way to do it 24/7 – but that means you’d have to sub to me on Twitch for *THAT* feature if it’s something you want. Again, absolutely nothing changes with how we’re doing TLDR at this stage – for Super Gnomies or anybody.

Twitch is pretty much all about gaming, but if you don’t care about watching video game streams or other streams from me there, my 24/7 chat may be enough of a value to join in. Once it’s locked down to just my Twitch “subscribers,” it should be relatively free of trolls just like our Patreon arena is with TLDR.

Being active on Twitch does not keep me from doing TLDR for you as I’ve been doing (and offering this same range of bonuses that I’ve been offering you all this time). I’m just doing more and able to offer more bonuses to people on another platform.

I’ve always been limited by what these platforms can offer, and text chat has been missing for so long that I’m happy to see a viable option back on the table (albeit, not on a single platform as desired).

If you want, I’m in text chat now / constantly: (and often multitasking). If you have any questions that I haven’t already responded to, please ask. I hope I was clear.

Chris “As Clear as Invisible Mud” Pirillo

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