A Day with Tech Was a Day Without Talking

Hello, My Gnomies!

As you might recall from yesterday’s rather haphazardly-worded report, I started feeling under the weather before I slinked under the covers after sipping a shot of knock-out juice (but not before making sure you knew what I had been up to for the past 24 hours or so).

I don’t enjoy the beginning period of a cold (not that any part of it is bearable), so I tend not to speak aloud so as to avoid straining my voice, further irritating an area of my throat that’s already been worn raw. Today, I refrained from flapping my gums – and if a nod or head-shake wouldn’t suffice, I resorted to using forms of digital communication to make sure that Diana knew what was going through my mind at the time.

The smartphone is a lifesaver – it’s become one of my favorite computer models of all time.

Imagine if I had to drag my wife to a PC at a desk, open up a word processor, type in what I was trying to tell her, and then wait for her to become impatient with my not being able to find the right emoji. I’m sure that for some of you, this is a dream scenario – but it’s just not for me.

Later this evening, after I finished editing the day’s vlog (which was 5% me and 95% the rest of my immediate family), I connected to IRC for the first time in I don’t know how long. Twitch chat interoperates with the classic Internet service, so now I can speak with my subs on a frequent basis. Yep, I’m a Twitch partner now with a Subscribe button – and if I find enough supporters, I’ll be that much closer to building a media studio here in Seattle (for myself and fellow content producers).

Anyway, I didn’t talk all day. That’s what I really wanted to tell you.

Chris “I Can’t Stop Typing” Pirillo

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