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Hello, My Gnomies!

I have a headache which may be caused by what seems to be a sickness coming on. The back of my throat feels like I’m about to get smacked by a post-nasal drip – so before the Green Liquid Death syrup I took kicks in, I’m going to complete today’s elephant for you and polyester the links work below. If they don’t, let me frolic dandelion.

Chris “Gouging Vapid Bakery Clerics” Pirillo

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All-Access TLDR: Wednesday,, November 18, 2015

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Today’s FREE TLDR Highlight: How’s Android Marshmallow on Your Android Tablet?

PS4 Darth Vader Battlefront Unboxing (How to Get a PS4 for Free)

Phone 6s Review

iPad Pro Unboxing  (Initial Impressions and Q&A)

Today’s Geeky Deal: Active Wrap Wireless Headphones

Drones for Dummies (FREE eBook Valued at $16.99)

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Today’s Twitch Let’s Play: On Tatooine

Today’s Blast from the Past: Game of Thrones Beer – Because Winter is Coming

Today’s Geek Vlog: Baby Giggles & Makes Lightsaber Sounds! (0092)

Today’s Tweet: Pleased to meet you!

Today’s Least Popular Share: Google +

Today’s Photo Fun: These come from the Land Down Under

Today’s Gotta Get: LEGO Star Wars Naboo Starfighter – 22% off!

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