Interacting Should Be Its Own Reward

Hello, My Gnomies!

Thanks to Aaron at Xbox, I’m finally going to be able to play Star Wars Battlefront tomorrow… on the Xbox One. And, thanks again to Aaron at Xbox, ten of you who were paying attention and following directions that I shared on Twitter earlier today will be able to join me with a free redeem code for access as well.

So, don’t sit there and be jealous – because everybody has had an equal chance (and perhaps I’ll still have a few more codes to hand out before you finish reading today’s update in full and loading all the links to see what you probably also missed from me).

Oh, and it gets even better (yes, better than early access to a video game).

I’ll be getting the Darth Vader PS4 in a few more days as well (where I’ll likely be playing the game “in full” – assuming I don’t have to buy into a monthly or annual subscription to play). You have a chance to get one of these, too… if you listen to TLDR, if you’ve been reading my tweetstream, or if you actually do read these daily updates from beginning to end.

Feel free to ask Mikel what it’s like to engage with me on Twitter today. Without any prompting, and without any indication that there was a value in participating, I worked out an arrangement by which today’s Sideshow Collectables R2-D2 giveaway (worth hundreds of Republic Credits) could be doubled and a separate one granted to an individual who retweeted my retweet of their giveaway tweet. Mikel will be receiving that bonus Sideshow Collectables R2-D2.

Effectively, when you take the time to interact with me (with or without a giveaway involved), life could get better for you.

Chris “Like Counts are Tied to My Self-Esteem” Pirillo

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