How Cardboard Can Bring You $10,000 in Tech

This sponsored post was brought to you by LG.


The UltraWide Festival 2015 – “Dream Setup” is an online competition wherein participants introduce their computer setup ideas on YouTube (and throughout social).

Unless you dare not dream of a dream setup?

The finalists are getting a chance to build their dream PC Setup with a prize of US$10,000. That’s a lot of dough (and more valuable than real dough, unless you had US$10,000 worth of actual dough). 

The contest started in September, so (as you can imagine) this festival has attracted a good deal of interest from tech enthusiasts and those who love playing video games.

Though this specific competition is now closed, there are still a lot of interesting events in store for those who found out about the event too little too late. One such event is the “Cardboard Dream Setup.”

Instead of showing off your tech, feel free to demo your creativity by building your dream setup in cardboard. Ya know, that stuff which usually gets discarded and recycled? Three lucky ducks will be chosen and they will be given LG’s latest Ultralight laptop “gram” (along with a 34UC87C LG UltraWide Monitor).

Cardboard Dream Setup

And if you’re not a duck, you’re in luck – since ducks can’t qualify. Again, I was just being liberal with the lingo. No real dough, no real ducks – just you and an immense pile of value. 

LG will select the 20 semi-finalists based on the engagement around your original post (so, don’t try to take someone else’s idea). I sure hope you have a 

Even if you don’t consider yourself a geek, that’s okay – you can still qualify. Just don’t let the nerds know that it doesn’t take any amount of tech proficiency to appreciate what tech can do for anybody. Even if you’ve already applied to the Dream Setup competition, you can still take a shot.