I’ve Officially Been a Geek Father for One Year

Hello, My Gnomies!

If you missed the live periscope video stream earlier (or you've been asleep all day), you likely missed the part where we've been celebrating my daughter's first birthday since she woke up.

Granted, Jedi really doesn't know what's going on yet - but that was half the fun. Right now, she's babbling incoherently in the other room (which could very well be my wife, who ate most of the cake this evening).

But it wasn't all boring baby clothes today. She also received a star map that was illustrated based on her location and time of birth a year ago today: http://greaterskies.com/jedi.html - that's pretty awesome if you ask me (and I realize that you probably didn't or wouldn't ask me). Who wants to hang a generic poster when you can have a personalized print of a relevant event?

Oh, and... Jedi asked if we could give something back to our faithful community today as well. I don't think she was planning on re-gifting anything, though? You'll have to settle for a possible Sphero BB-8 tech toy (which is probably going to go on record as the most popular item this year - apart from anything that Apple might release).

To learn how to get one, watch this: https://youtu.be/74XtsefVc4E

Then watch what a fan did: https://youtu.be/tbUgiSVDNKQ

And then, watch this: https://youtu.be/1ybdoRGoDSo

Chris "But There's Still More to Watch" Pirillo

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