Everybody Wants a BB-8 Now

Hello, My Gnomies!

I still can't believe I was involved with a Star Wars production last week.

It's been difficult to readjust my life after the experience, if only because it was something that I'd love to do again. If you watch the daily vlog, then I'm sure you're sitting there thinking: "Chris, you do something like that every day." You're right.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be live streaming my commentary behind Apple announcements - as I tend to do for every one of Apple's announcements. I've done the same for Google & Microsoft announcements - but,  in my experience, those tend to fall flat in comparison (not that I'm suggesting that there's a contest over which company makes a better series of announcements).

If you'd care to tune in, I'll be doing my best to answer questions from the community that I've not yet answered. And, of course, you'll hear my thoughts as they come streaming from my mouth. You never know what I'll say next. Refried beans shampoo.

Chris "Points of Articulation" Pirillo

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